Whether you’re brand new to the Tarot, been reading for years, or somewhere in-between, you know that people have their opinions about the Tarot and they’re usually not the most endearing ones. 

This is something that I’ve personally struggled with for many years. It’s also the one topic that has discouraged some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met from doing the work they love.  

It’s very difficult to promote yourself and your beautiful readings if somewhere deep inside you wonder if you’re doing something wrong. 

Myths like these this can chip away at your intuition, self-confidence, as well as your joy! You end up never feeling quite right about your choice to become a professional Tarot reader and your Tarot reading abilities.

I wanted to kick off my blog by sharing this topic so when you you’re armed with the TRUTH about these particular “myths” from the get. 

That way, if you happen to bump into knuckle-heads spouting rhetoric, you won’t be swayed in your beliefs and you’ll keep on your “Tarot-success path”. 

A Little Back-Story

At one time the Tarot was a much loved and cherished card game played by the rich, the noblemen, the hierarchy, and other important individuals in the community. 

This game eventually migrated into Germany, England, France, and other areas of Europe through-out the mid-1700’s.

The only real issue at the time was that the cards were made from very expensive paper-stock making them very expensive to purchase so they weren’t readily available to everyone. 

This went on for quite a few years. Then one day, a particular man decided he didn’t like a particular card in the deck and that one instance caused everything to go side-ways with the Tarot forever.   

It’s theorized that a Franciscan monk believed “The Devil Card” in the Major Arcana represented our connection to the devil and people who used the cards were actually witches who worshipped the devil.     

Now, this monk petitioned the church for years to have the Tarot game banned and one day, he won. Unfortunately, that one negative aspect has stuck with the Tarot for nearly 1500 years and it’s just so damn ridiculous!

You’d think that by now people would know better. But many are hung-up on speculation and religion and instead of asking questions and finding out the truth, they tend to “parrot” what others say.

I know it’s hard to believe that in 2020 that we’re still fighting this battle but we are.

The good news is the more we learn about and understand the Tarot the quicker we can end these horrible lies. 

We can’t let the blatant ignorance of others keep us from the work of our soul, because that’s what the Tarot is for many of us, it’s the work of our soul.

Having said all of that, it’s not our personal responsibility to educate these individuals either, but what you can do is become a shining representation of what a professional Tarot reader is and does.

THAT is the main goal of my entire business; upleveling and transforming the image of what a professional Tarot reader is and does. 

Why Is This So Important to Learn?

Mainly, because people are crazy. And they feel compelled and justified to tell us exactly how they feel, especially about the Tarot.

I remember when I first began my journey with the cards, I’d hear these strange stories about how evil the Tarot is, that I worship the devil, I’m a witch, and that I shouldn’t charge for my readings.

As the years progressed and I began reading at public events, I’d have grown-ass adults walk right up to me and interrupt my reading to tell me the “Tarot is evil” and I’m going straight to hell.  

I just wanted to die, I’d be so embarrassed by these fools!

When I would do “live-streams” on Periscope and Facebook, trolls would come in my broadcasts and do the same thing. However, online I got a bit of an upgrade. 

Along with being called a devil-worshipper, they also called me call me a witch, a whore, slut, bitch, etc. Apparently reading the Tarot also made me easy and mean. 

I’ve had people wish terrible things on me and my family including death, car accidents, and terrible diseases. I even had one man wish for me to have a miscarriage! 

I wasn’t even pregnant or thought about being pregnant. He just had to make sure to get that comment in there. I’ve also been called a fake, a liar, a scammer, and a rip-off artist. 

On top of all of that, I’ve also had this other weird little thing happen to me. I’ve had potential clients write to me and tell me how much they love me and how badly they want a reading, etc.

And in the very next paragraph, they’d tell me that they don’t feel have to remit a  payment to me because “reading the Tarot is a gift from God”, and I “shouldn’t be charging for God. God is free to everyone.”

It finally got to the point where I’d have to limit my broadcasts and eventually I took a break for a bit. I had a very large and supportive audience but they didn’t deserve to be subjected to that kind of continual chaos.

The misinformation and misconceptions regarding the Tarot are very real.

I had to work very hard and learn to discern “fact from foolishness” and keep moving forward regardless of the ridiculousness around me. 

We can’t afford to let the intentional ignorance of others affect us or our Tarot businesses. We can’t let it wear us down or allow it to dirty something we love so much. 

However, I Wasn’t Always So Cool-Minded About It

The truth of the matter is, I actually worried about it.  

Way back when I was first learning the Tarot and started hearing these stories, and although I didn’t necessarily believe it all the way, I admit a part of me kinda wondered, you know? 

Am I doing something wrong? At the time I didn’t have any real Tarot or Spiritual education to pull from so the terrible things people were accusing me of caused me to second-guess myself. 

It caused me to wonder if I was doing the right thing by reading the Tarot. I’d secretly wonder, am I going to hell? Is there a hell?

Am I really “reading the Tarot” or am I making it up? Am I a fake? Am I scammer?

Have you ever wondered? Have you ever thought maybe you’re making a mistake?  

Thoughts and fears like that can jack with your head. Whether you’re brand-new to the Tarot or a seasoned pro, negative thoughts can definitely cause you to doubt your choice to become a professional Tarot reader and your ability to read Tarot cards. 

This might not be true for all of you, I get it. Some of you were way ahead of the game. 

But for the rest of us, that fear was very real. In 2020, it’s time to move forward. That was then this is now.  

Despite what the nay-sayers of the world think, the Tarot is badass and in fact, it’s probably the single-most badass thing out there. And you’re badass for wanting to read the cards! 

We have to realize everyone is going to have their opinions about something, and we have the ability to pick and choose what we want to accept as our individual truth.  

You Have to Rock That Confidence! 

Being a professional Tarot reader requires you to be 110% confident about who you are and what you do, for two reasons:

You won’t push yourself.  Just like when you begin any new skill or business, it takes incredible focus and drive. If you don’t believe in yourself and what you’re doing, you won’t push yourself in all the ways you need to.   

The client will feel it. When you’re not confident, it shows! We don’t radiate that natural joy and enthusiasm people have when they know they’re doing something very special. 

Your clients will see it and feel it right along with you and then they’ll question themselves if they’re doing the right thing by investing in you and your services. 

I Don’t Say Any of These Things to Scare You

I say these things to prepare you. Every career has a light and a dark side.

Being prepared and having the proper information and inspiration that allows you to move forward confidently knowing you’ve made an excellent choice to become a professional Tarot reader and build the business of your dreams.

As we go through the following FIVE myths, I’m going to sincerely invite you to just be aware of what you may bump into out there. 

Focus you attention on the POSITIVE aspects of the Tarot and KNOW that you are making a powerful impact on all the lives you are being called to serve!   

Dispelling FIVE Common
Tarot Myths

You Worship The Devil

Ahh yes…an oldie but definitely a goldie. This is probably one of the most common yet ridiculous of all the myths.

This myth harkens us back to the “Burning Times” when people were wrongly convicted of witchcraft for using Tarot cards, playing cards, tea leaves, and other tools for divination purposes.   

Since the beginning of time people have used items to try and figure out what was going to happen next.

And since the beginning of time there were specially appointed people who know how to utilize their intuition appropriately and were considered a great blessing to their tribes and later their communities.

But problems arose with divination over time because just like with everything else good in this world, unscrupulous people began to use it to take advantage of others. 

Fake Tarot readers would take people’s money and either make bogus claims or predict certain outcomes that would cause these people to make poor decisions and ultimately hurt themselves. 

That’s why practices such as divination were mentioned as a no-no in the bible and outlawed by church. 

That’s precisely why I only use the Tarot as a guide and a coaching tool and avoid several types of questions that can cause undue harm on my clients. I NEVER make claims or predict anything.

The church believed divination was “seeing and knowing like God” and therefore a crime. And of course anything that was against the church was considered “of the devil”.

Those convicted of using Tarot cards were charged with devil-worshipers and either sentenced to be hung or burnt at the stake. 

This was a regular occurrence that lasted hundreds of years and unfortunately killed thousands and thousands of GOOD people for the heinous acts of a few.  

There’s no devil or any kind of “worship” involved with the Tarot.  

Yes, there is a “Devil Card”, but it represents our shadow archetype; the darker, vulnerable, egotistic side of “self” that keeps us tied to our negative thoughts, feelings, behaviors, etc.

To this date, there’s no official or unofficial link between the Tarot and any type of demonic affiliation.

The Tarot is not nor does not represent any type of deity or entity. We don’t pray to it, worship it, honor it, or treat it like a “Higher Power”. The Tarot is a deck of 78 Cards, it’s not a thing.

It contains imagery, symbolism, numbers, colors, and words that when used as a coaching tool can help people recognize and resolve many different kinds of issues and go forward living amazing lives.

People often parrot and criticize what they don’t know or understand.

The individuals making the devil-worship statements are generally repeating what they’ve heard from others over the years.

They don’t know that the Tarot is evil. They just imagine it.

They don’t realize that those convictions were a “sign of the times” and that 1500 years ago just about everything was considered devil-worshipping, even traditional playing cards.

They don’t know that the very same cards they’ve used and allow their children to  play “Go Fish” or “Crazy Eights” were outlawed for the same crimes about a hundred years PRIOR to the Tarot arriving in Europe.  

We commonly hear these types of “demonic” accusations in response to lifestyles and practices that these individuals might not necessarily understand or agree with.

Instead of catching an education and approaching such matters with an intelligent mind, it’s just easier to call us names. 

You Practice Witchcraft

Because so many people were convicted of practicing witchcraft for using the Tarot, the term “witchcraft” became synonymous with the Tarot.

Many people believe today that if you use the Tarot then you’re also witch and in their mind witchcraft is the same as devil-worship.

Witchcraft is NOT evil. There are MILLIONS of women who practice witchcraft that have ZERO affiliation with anything evil, demonic, or downright weird.

There are many different forms of witchcraft, but generally speaking, it’s associated with spirituality, nature, the elements, healing, personal development, self-confidence, connecting to our intuition, and more.

The Tarot is NOT Witchcraft!

The Tarot is not defined or ruled as any specific religion or practice. Again, we don’t pray to it, worship it, or put it above or in place of a Higher Power.

Do Pagans, Wiccans, and those that do practice witchcraft use the Tarot in their practices? Yes, I imagine many of them do.

But so do many others who practice Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim, Judaism, Christianity, Taoism, or any of the 350-plus documented religions of the world.

The Tarot continually gets pigeon-holed into one particular belief and it’s just not true. The Tarot is for everyone, regardless of your faith.

The Tarot is utilized and loved by millions and millions of people regardless of what their personal beliefs are. Using Tarot cards does not define you or make you anything other than who you are.

MYTH NUMBER THREE: You Must to Be "Psychic" to Read the Tarot

It’s amazing the amount of misinformation that exists about WHO can read the Tarot and who cannot. 

This is a very common fear among beginners. They really want to learn the Tarot but fear they aren’t “psychic” enough to do it.

This is also a common fear among novice and experienced students! A part of them can sometimes still doubt their ability.  

And although they may already be reading the Tarot, they may not feel as confident as they’d like. That can affect the way they do their readings and how they promote themselves.

This Myth began right in our own backyard. 

This Myth actually began and was perpetuated by people in our own community.

In years past, it was believed that only people with a special gift were able to read the Tarot and that gift had to be recognized and developed by another prominent Tarot reader in the community. 

This individual was usually the “wise-woman”, the resident healer, perhaps the mid-wife, or other “authority” in the community. 

They would identify this special person and their special element probably at a younger age, “deem that individual worthy of reading the Tarot” (this is where an ENTIRE set of problems began) and then agree to take them under their wing and teach the Tarot and other mystical things to them.

So it became a myth that you had to be chosen, you had to have this particular gift, you had be deemed worthy, and it was all decided by someone else. 

To be fair, knowledge about anything back then was extremely limited. Most people were born into a particular community or culture and lived there until they died. 

They had their own individual customs and ideas that were handed down trough the generations or shared to other clans-folk. 

1500 hundred years later, we know differently. In fact, we’re learning new things about the Tarot every single year.

We now know that everyone is capable of reading the Tarot. 

There’s no special gift required. All you really need is good morals, good values, and a strong desire learn and to help others.  

We use our intuition to read the Tarot. 

Today, we know it’s through our intuition that we read the cards. Everyone is intuitive! Your intuition is a sixth sense, an internal knowing, an instinct, a way for you to receive information in a supernatural manner. 

Each of us has a unique and specific way in which our intuition signals us and communicates with us. There’s no one who’s born more intuitive than the next. 

What differentiates us is the way in which we receive our intuition and feel it in our body. No two people experience their intuition exactly the same way just as no two people will ever read the Tarot the same way. 

Every single person in the world has the same ability to develop their intuition to their highest degree. Everyone has the ability to read the Tarot. There’s no one who is more gifted or more capable of reading the Tarot than you!

All Tarot Readers Are Scammers!

For hundreds and hundreds of years people have associated the Tarot with being a “dark-art’ and a scam. 

Because unfortunately, through-out history, there have been dishonest people  who have used and continue to use the Tarot to manipulate innocent people out of their hard-earned money. 

But that certainly doesn’t mean ALL of us are dishonest! 

There are potentially millions and millions of women all over the world who read the Tarot every single day in an honest, ethical, and professional  manner that genuinely helps their clients through some of the most challenging times of their lives. 

Again, we can’t allow the ignorance of others to define an entire community because of a few bad apples.

We have to remember dishonesty is everywhere.

To keep it 100, you and I both know every single profession has their fair share of dishonest people. Just listen to CNN, FOX, or MSNBC! 

Every day you hear stories of men and women using their profession to not only scam people but to physically hurt them as well.

Bankers, lawyers, doctors, POLITICIANS, priests, police, corporate exec’s, teachers, engineers, tax representatives, news reporters, day care providers, military personnel, etc.

Professional Tarot readers just draw more attention because of the stigma attached and the already perceived connection to witchcraft and devil worship. 

BE the very best professional Tarot reader YOU can BE!

The swiftest way to end the gossip and the nonsense is to become the very best Tarot reader you can be! 

We have to be mindful of what’s possible with the Tarot and what’s not. You always want to stay within your scope of practice and don’t make promises or predictions. 

You want to educate yourself and your client’s about the type of info the Tarot can reveal and the type of info we shouldn’t go looking for. 

Here’s why, the Tarot is not 100% accurate. In fact, NO Tarot reader, psychic, medium, or other form of intuitive or sensitive is 100% accurate, 100% of the time.  

To my knowledge, the only 100% accurate element is what we refer to as “God, Universe, Spirit.” That’s it. Human-beings don’t have the ability to have absolute knowledge. 

You want to stay away from questions concerning topics that could potentially cause harm like infidelity, medical diagnosis, winning lottery numbers, law suits, predicting exact outcomes, when someone is going to die, what exactly someone should do, etc. . 

And let’s just say you DID know the answers, when you give out this type of information you assume responsibility for the outcome. We don’t know what that individual will do with the information. 

So instead, you want to focus on using the Tarot as a guide or a tool that helps the client to find information about themselves and their situation and together you can work to find the best solutions for a positive outcome. 

Tarot Readers Aren’t Supposed to CHARGE for Their GIFT!

I saved the best for last. There are people in this world who believe we shouldn’t be charging for our readings.

They claim that being able to read the Tarot is a gift from Spirit, that Spirit made us special and gave us special abilities and therefore “we can’t charge for Spirit”.

They Believe…

Tarot readers shouldn’t be concerned with money that somehow Spirit will provide for us.  
It’s not only our responsibility but our duty to do Tarot readings for free.
+ If we were truly authentic Tarot readers, if we were the REAL DEAL, we would know that we’d have to provide Tarot readings for everyone, regardless if they can pay or not. 
+ Making money from our readings is a sin and that if by chance we do make any type of money, it should only be a small token amount.

In my experience, if you refuse and insist on charging for your readings, these same people are often the first ones who will call you a fake or a scammer. 

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Never in my life have I ever had a situation where someone demanded a service  from me and then told me they’re not paying me! But I have had people tell me I’m doing a reading for free because I have to. 

I’ll spare your ears from the response I gave them. 

Do you think these same people would walk into their doctor’s office or a lawyer’s office and demand their appointments for FREE?

Do you think that they walk into a museum and demand a FREE painting or piece of art?

Do you think these people would demand their favorite musician give them a FREE CD of their latest album or ask their favorite movie actor for FREE movie passes?

No, of course not! Why? Because it’s crazy! 

But here’s the kicker…

I’m probably going to catch hell for this but some of these demands have been perpetuated by our own people. There are Tarot readers who believe along with others that we shouldn’t make a living from our readings.

I don’t know where this idea came from or how they were taught but I do know how it negatively affects others in our community.

There’s ENOUGH problems with self-confidence and worthiness and money surrounding the Tarot already without us being made to feel guilty for wanting to create a CAREER and make a living from our services.   

It’s myths like this that can cause irreparable damage. True professionals have been made to feel made to feel conflicted for their passion not only by complete strangers, but by people in their own profession.

We can’t afford to listen to people who don’t have our best interests at heart. Any negative thoughts, feelings, or experiences someone has about the money and the Tarot is THEIR problem!

They don’t have the right to infringe upon you and your journey! 


Most of what I’ve discussed here involves people acting and talking from a place of fear and ignorance. In 2020, that’s not only inappropriate, it’s also highly unacceptable. 

Ignorance is not bliss. There may be nothing we can do about others and what they think, but we certainly have control over ourselves and what we think.

If you want to become a professional Tarot reader, if you want to make a huge impact in the lives of others all over the world, if you want to do the work of your soul and get paid very well for your efforts, then you have to decide this is what you want despite what others say.

You have to be willing to commit to the process, continue your education, present yourself in the most positive and professional light possible, and stay away from people and practices that can give you a bad name.  

We need to do our part by continually educating ourselves, striving to uphold ethical practices, running our businesses appropriately, and staying away from people and practices that can give us a bad name.

Our culture is changing and we are at the forefront of that change. You and I have the ability to positively impact and influence society about the way they view the Tarot.  

More and more people are recognizing the incredible value a Tarot reading can bring them. 

I have clients that tell me DAILY they’ve received more insight and clarity from a one hour Tarot reading than in 6 months of therapy. 

You’re in the RIGHT place doing the RIGHT thing…all you have to do is KEEP going. 

So how does reading all of this make you feel about the Tarot and your Tarot career? 

In the comments below, please share the strangest or most ridiculous Tarot MYTH you’ve have ever heard.

And please tell us how you personally plan to respond if to someone tries to hit you with one of these myths!