Hello + Welcome to My Brand-New Podcast!

In this special debut episode, I introduce myself, why I created my business and this brand-new podcast, BUT most importantly I chat with you about  the THREE main elements of my Tarot business and the influential role each segment plays in helping YOU become a professional Tarot reader, build a badass business, and live a luxury lifestyle!  

After listening to the show, you’ll have the wisdom and the knowledge to quickly assess your self, your Tarot business, and your mindset and quickly implement any necessary “adjustments” to immediately up-level and transform your Tarot career and prepare you to KICK-ASS in 2021!

YO! Boss-Bitch in the house!

Bonus: To help you with your process, I included a beautiful workbook you can either download and print or you can use it as a guide and write in your journal instead.

Either way, it’ll help you get your thoughts and ideas down on paper and right into action!

You can get your workbook here: Podcast Workbook   

Share your thoughts: Scroll on down and in the comments tell me what being a professional Tarot reader, building a badass business, an living a luxury-lifestyle looks and feel like for you! 

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

Want to learn more? Click the link below and download another free workbook I have that’ll get you reading the Tarot with your intuition and feeling confident AF doing it! 

Head over here to get that: Five Secret Steps to Ignite Your Intuition and Radically Increase Your Self-Confidence!

Thank YOU for joining me and I’ll see YOU next time! 

Brightest Blessings + Namaste’,
Krysten Burkhardt-Hanson

PS: If you wanna check out my Podbean podcast site, you can go here: https://supernaturaltalkradio.podbean.com