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In episode two, we explore and discuss, “What Exactly IS the Tarot”? 

The Tarot is very difficult to define because it’s means so many things to so many different people. If you ask what the Tarot is to 100 professional Tarot readers you’ll get 100 different responses.

Part of the problem is, we don’t have clear and accurate Tarot history to fall back which instigates and perpetuates the conflicting stories, lies, and misconceptions surrounding us and our career choice. 

And many of the people who do have it figured out aren’t necessarily talking about it because they don’t want any negative attention. 

So, as professional Tarot readers it’s up to us to create a new perspective and an empowering definition of what Tarot is to us and then determine how we can best go forward in our life and business in with our cards in 2021.  

In EPISODE TWO, together we’re going to break down the difference between the different types of intuitive decks, what a Tarot deck consists of, the SIX main components of a Tarot deck, what each of those components can represent to in a reading, and three amazing ways I use Tarot cards in my business. 

I’m sharing this with you with the intention that this inspires YOU start thinking about what the Tarot represents to you and how you can best use the cards in your business. 

Bonus: To help you with your process, I included a lovely workbook you can download use it as a guide to help get your thoughts and feelings in order and  get the clarity you need. 

You can get your workbook here: Podcast Workbook   

Share your thoughts: Scroll on down and in the comments tell me what the Tarot is to you, how you currently use the cards in your business, any NEW ways you might want to adopt, and how you plan to use the Tarot in 2021. 

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts! 

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Thank YOU for joining me and I’ll see YOU next time! 

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