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Learning to Read the Tarot + Building a Modern Tarot Business Can Be Frustrating AF!

You have this amazing dream of becoming a professional Tarot Reader, creating your very own Tarot business, and making a real difference in the lives of others. 

Every day you imagine what it would be like to wake up and feel overjoyed about doing the work you love and living the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. You can see yourself sitting in your gorgeous home-office, wearing beautiful clothing, feeling confident and secure, as you gracefully guide your clients through some of their life’s biggest challenges. 

You feel incredibly grateful that you now have the freedom to make your own decisions and earn the level of income you desire, not what some ass-hat thinks you should earn! 

But instead of feeling overjoyed, excited, and grateful…you feel stuck!

You also feel frustrated and overwhelmed and way less confident than you’d like because learning how to read the Tarot and building a real business is a lot more complicated than what you originally thought. 

There’s just so much you have to learn and do! And there are so many different opinions and theories! How the hell are you supposed to know which information is correct and which isn’t? 

You’ve purchased a crap-ton of Tarot books and Tarot cards and have spent hundreds of hours searching the internet looking for anyone or anything that could help you make sense of this entire Tarot-nightmare!

Finding the right teacher is a whole other issue. 

It’s so hard to find someone you can trust who has the level of experience and expertise necessary to give you the very best information and strategy to help you bust outta this nightmare once and for all. 

The struggle isn’t because you’re lazy or that you can’t learn the Tarot, because you’re quick and smart AF everywhere else in your life, you just don’t understand why you’re having so many problems with this. 

You genuinely love the Tarot and helping people. 

You don’t even mind the hard work and dedication it takes to make this dream a reality, but the struggle is real

I hear you, loud and MF clear, because I used to feel the exact same way. I was like, what in the ever-living F is up with this Tarot shizz? I’ve never had this many problems learning anything in my life. I couldn’t understand WHY the Tarot was so hard to learn.

Then, one day, everything changed!

After about ten years of the bullshit, I had a life-changing experience that forever changed my perspective of the Tarot and blew the metaphysical doors wide-open for me. 

I was able to fall back in love with the Tarot, reignite my passion with my business and now, I’m able help you see the light you’ve been searching for as well.

Hello & Welcome!


Hey Beautiful…

Yeah!! I’m SO excited you’re here! 

You and I are going to do some badass shiz together.

My name is Krysten, and I’ve been reading and teaching the Tarot professionally for over 15 years.

I’m a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Educator, Life Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, and Paranormal Investigator.

I’m also the creator and educational director at the Supernatural School of Spiritual studies, re-opening soon, the Badass Blog, an upcoming podcast, a new sacred-community, and a unique resource center. 

My purpose is to teach my brilliant + beautiful BFF’s how to radically increase your self-confidence, intuitively read the Tarot, guide others in transforming their lives, and create one incredibly BADASS Tarot business.

I’m going to share with you all the INFO & INSPO you need to make ALL of your Tarot dreams come true!

Why I Started This Business

One of my main goals with this business (and I have a few) is to up-level + transform the perception of the Tarot Industry and the image of what a professional Tarot reader is and does. 

I’ve watched so many intelligent, talented, and hardworking women become completely frustrated and overwhelmed trying to learn the Tarot and build a business and lifestyle they can be proud of.

I believe there are quite a few reasons why this is happening…

For one, there’s a massive amount of misinformation and misunderstandings that still surround the Tarot today.  

Many people mistakenly believe that:
+ Tarot readers are satanic and worship the devil
+ You have to look and dress like a carnival side-show   
+ All Tarot readers are of direct gypsy decent 
+ You have to be a psychic-medium or have special skills
+ You have to be deemed “worthy” by an individual or group
+ Because we use our gifts we must read the Tarot for FREE

Secondly, there’s a huge gap in modern Tarot education that’s causing our students to fall flat when it comes to learning how to use Tarot cards and create residual income.

The ignorant belief remains that Tarot classes aren’t necessary, that you don’t need a teacher, and you can ultimately teach yourself to read the Tarot!

Or you have unqualified individuals teaching who have never so much as professionally read the Tarot or ran a successful  business leading unsuspecting students down a dark road.

Each year, literally HUNDREDS of women sign-up for Tarot classes, yet most end up quitting within the first few days to WEEKS of a course because they’re not getting it! 

Fortune teller (1)
Why I Started This Business

Of all the classes I’ve either taken or taught in the past 30 years, I’ve never experienced anything with such a high drop-out rate as what I’ve seen with the Tarot.  

I believe it’s because many of the students don’t feel confident with their choice to become a professional Tarot reader and they don’t feel confident with their skill-set.

I want to change ALL of that! 

You deserve to feel AMAZING and EXCITED about your choices, not terrified. You should feel like you can rule the world because you’re so damn good at what you do!   

I want to help you develop a professional career, luxury
lifestyle, and mindset that aligns with who you are as a woman.

I want to help you create something that’ll personally enrich you and financially support you. 

Something else I invite you to consider is there’s NOTHING about being a professional Tarot reader or Spiritual entrepreneur that says you have to LOOK or BE a certain way.  

You can DO, BE, and HAVE whatever your heart desires. 

We’re NOT evil or are tied to any type of demonic or religious practice. In fact, there are many professional Tarot readers that are Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, etc.   

You don’t have to come from any particular group or blood-line or be approved by any particular society or organization. 

You can be as smart, stylish, sexy, sophisticated, and as successful as you choose to be. 

Together, we’re going to stop ALL of this foolishness and create a whole new perception of the Tarot industry and the image of what a professional Tarot reader is and does

Why Choose Me as Your Educator?

That’s a VERY GOOD question, and one you should definitely ask of anyone you’d like to have teach you the Tarot.

First of all, I’ve already gone through my “dark night of the soul” with the Tarot. 

I’ve already encountered and overcome the maximum amount of bullshit and aggravation that I believe to be the status quo for qualifying as a Tarot educator. 

But through that ordeal, I gained an invaluable amount of wisdom, insight, and experience that ultimately encouraged me to create this amazing business and lifestyle. 

I also have over 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE working one-on-one with clients, working in small business, teaching adult education, building multiple successful client-based businesses, and so much more.

I’ve attended and graduated from several different colleges, schools, and courses earning a degree, multiple diplomas, licenses, and certifications that when paired with my experience with the Tarot gives me an extra advantage from a business perspective and a teaching one as well. 

You’ll receive real-world experience combined with a world-class education! 

So when you begin working with new clients or reintroducing clients into your existing Tarot business, you’ll be confident AF from the get! You won’t have to wonder what to do, you’ll know!

The High Priestess
Ace of Wands

My specialty is teaching primarily Tarot 101 and novice classes because I believe that getting a solid foundation, learning the proper protocols, and developing strong habits from the start, paves the way for a lifetime of achievement.

You’ll receive a one-of-a-kind educational experience that contains everything you need to put YOU head and shoulders above the competition.  

You’ll have the opportunity to break-free from the blocks and obstacles that have held you back from achieving everything you’ve ever imagined.

Learning to become a professional Tarot reader is about way more than just learning how to read Tarot cards. I have a four-point system that addresses the whole woman; Mind, Body, Spirit, and Skill.  

You’ll learn the wisdom and expertise you need to radically increase your self-confidence, guide others in transforming their lives, intuitively read the Tarot, and create one incredibly badass business. 

You’ll be set to roll like a ROCK-STAR through the ever-challenging and sometimes painful road to becoming a Professional Tarot Reader and BADASS business owner.

Here's Just an Example of What You Can Learn Working
With Me, Momma

I’m here to provide you with a premium educational experience that includes courses, lessons, systems, steps, support, and all kinds of extra shiz to take you from where you with the Tarot to exactly where you want to be!

How Did I Get Here?

The following is a breakdown of my education, career, and experience in a timeline-format highlighting my ridiculous personal story of how I became a professional Tarot and why I’m qualified to help YOU make all your Tarot dreams come true!  

1985 Nail Technician

The summer I graduated from high school, I began my journey into the “personal service industry” as a nail technician. 

 I loved working with different clients every day, making their hands look and feel beautiful, the hustle and bustle of salon, and being a part of the small business environment.

However, after doing nails for about a year, I decided I wanted more than to work on someone’s hands. 

1987 Cosmetologist

In 1986, I went back to beauty school to become a licensed cosmetologist at age 21. I absolutely loved doing hair and helping people up-level and transform their appearance. 

Right after graduating, I was hired into a very prestigious salon owned by the woman who was my personal hairdresser that later formed the most successful non-profit organization in the state of Michigan. 

She taught me several key lessons that have become the foundation of my life, business, and teachings:
+ REAL SUCCESS requires continuous education, commitment, sacrifice, and tenacity 
+ Being a PROFESSIONAL means developing a genuine passion and respect for the work you do
+ Always PRESENT YOURSELF in the best possible light physically, emotionally, psychologically, and Spiritually
+ People JUDGE your ability to perform by the way you dress, walk, and communicate 

+ BE authentic in your demeanor, integral in your character, and genuine in your servitude 

Although it was very hard work, I developed a deep passion for helping my clients look and feel amazing.
I was quickly promoted to Assistant Salon-Manager and Director of Education within my first year of employment where I began teaching classes once a week for staff and all new hires

Even though I LOVED my craft, my heart still wanted more. 

1992 Cosmetology Instructor

Inspired by my new-found love of teaching, I went back to beauty school a few years later to become a licensed Cosmetology Instructor at the age of 24. 

After graduation, I spent the next  17 years working and teaching in some of the finest salons and schools. 

I discovered I have a natural gift for teaching adult students of all ages and backgrounds..It was such an inspiring experience to be able to help my students rise above their individual blocks an obstacles, discover their gifts and graces, learn a real marketable skill, and achieve their deepest desires.

But after 17 years of working and teaching in the hair industry, I needed something different. I loved my work but I was done with hair. I needed to go deeper. I wanted to work with individuals on a more meaningful level.

2005 Massage Therapist / Energy Practitioner / Esthetician

  In 2002, I enrolled in a local college for a two year program to receive certification as a massage therapist.  

It was very exciting to connect with my clients on a Spiritual and energetic level! 

Every new skill I learned took me to a deeper level with my people. It was such a moving experience to witness my clients being released from their pain, stress, anxiety, migraine headaches, backaches, and so much more.  

In 2005, I received additional certifications to become an energy practitioner, Reiki Master, and expand my cosmetology license to include esthetics. 

I became a private-contractor and worked in a day-spa as a Massage Therapist and Esthetician for almost five years helping my clients release their stress and pain and develop healthy, vibrant skin. 

Psychic + Medium + Tarot 

 Through the process of becoming a massage therapist and energy practitioner I also learned all about my Medium and Psychic abilities and how they worked. I always knew I had a gift but I wasn’t exactly sure how to hone my skills and turn them into an actual business helping people. My classes helped me with all of that. 

This was also during the time when I was first formally introduced to the Tarot.  

For me, seeing the Tarot was LOVE at first sight.

 And I’ve been having a nonstop love-affair with the cards ever since

From the moment I opened my very first Tarot deck and felt the energy activate my senses and flow through my hands, my heart, and straight into my soul, I knew I had found my soul-purpose. 

I couldn’t wait to learn how to use the cards and begin doing readings for my clients! I was THAT hooked from the get.  

But the problem was, online Tarot classes weren’t yet a “thing” and I didn’t know anyone who taught the Tarot locally, and unfortunately there were no classes to take.

So I did the next best thing, I decided to teach myself! 

I became obsessed with purchasing and reading every single Tarot book I could possibly find. I also purchased over 50 DIFFERENT types of Tarot decks secretly hoping each new deck would make me a better reader.

I began reading and researching everything I could find online, looking for that “magic-bullet” that would help me learn the Tarot and become the BEST professional Tarot reader I could be.  

But to be completely honest, I never found that *&%$#@ magic-bullet…In fact, because I was self-taught, I struggled for TEN YEARS before anything began to improve for me.  

  No matter how much I loved the cards I never felt completely comfortable with them. I was always second guessing myself and double-checking my Tarot books to make sure the hits I was receiving were “correct”.

I couldn’t bare being wrong in my readings and making a fool of myself…

 I never knew how much to charge for my readings or if I should charge for my readings. To be completely honest, most of the time, I didn’t even ask for the money, I just let the client slide because I didn’t feel I was good enough to be paid.

This left me feeling completely heartbroken and disillusioned. 

 I felt like I totally sucked as a Tarot reader and as a person.  

And I didn’t understand it, either. I always excelled at everything else I invested in, I just didn’t understand why the Tarot was being so damn difficult, I felt confused, dumb, worthless, ashamed, guilty, and like a big fat FRAUD. 

So, for as much as I loved the Tarot, I decided to ease off of it for a little bit and focus on my massage career and do my readings in my spare time. 

2009 Move to Arizona / Esthetics Educator / Eyelash Studio

Five years later I began a whole new life + journey by moving to Arizona with my daughters and marrying my now husband, Leif.

I was completely burnt-out doing massages, facials, and waxing all day, so I decided to change things up a bit by accepting an Esthetics teaching position at a popular beauty school in the area.

I was back in my groove teaching newbies the ropes and laying the foundation for their brand-new career.

I also opened a little eyelash studio as a part time gig and doubled the office as a place to do my Tarot readings. It was a nice break and a fresh opportunity to begin a new life. I just had no idea how “new’ that life would be.

2012 Holistic Healthcare Practitioner 

Yup, you guessed it. BACK TO SCHOOL AGAIN! This is when everything gt turned upside down. 

In 2010, the demands of my career and my life were getting to me. Quite honestly, I felt like I was dying. 

After 27 years of working 10-16 hour days working on my clients, teaching my students, not to mention the long hours, nights, and weekends away from family, the missed holidays, birthdays, vacations, recital,. and more, I was over it. 

Deep down I truly loved working with clients and teaching my students but I really wanted to be a professional Tarot reader. I wanted to be a Spiritual entrepreneur, I just didn’t know how to make it happen…

I spent a lifetime working on the outside of a person’s body..this time I wanted to focus more on the “Mind, Body, Spirit” aspect of an individual. I wanted to work with my clients in a more of a healing and transformational manner.

One morning, I felt a tug at my heart, like a “calling” to work with my clients in a whole new way. I didn’t know it at the time, but this “tug” would bring the Tarot back into my life full circle and provide me with everything I needed to finally master the cards, build my confidence, and build the business and lifestyle I always wanted. 

 Spirit was telling me to go for a particular Associates Degree program. I had no idea why I’d need these classes but this step changed everything in my life.

Two years later, I completed an Associate’s Program and earned a degree as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.
My concentration is in Mind, Body Transformational Psychology.

I Specialized in the Following Practices:

+ Spiritual Life Coaching + Clinical Hypnotherapy + Past Life Regression + Spirit Release
Spiritual Studies + Ministry + Spiritual Business, Marketing + Entrepreneurship

What was so amazing about this experience was that, for one, it gave me the necessary education, wisdom, confidence and the ability to not only bridge giant gaps in my personal life but with my Tarot career as well.

This experience gave me the tools and the knowledge to help my Tarot clients and my students! 

  As I was going through the course, I realized I was dealing with a lot of different issues that had caused me to NOT trust my intuition and CRUSH my self-confidence.   

Even though I was very successful in my beauty and massage careers my personal life was a mess. When you’re working with the Tarot and Spiritual modalities everything about you comes to light. 

I Learned I Was Dealing With the Following Problems:

  + Addiction and alcoholism + Abusive and co-dependent relationships + Weight management
+ Several traumatic incidents + Self-destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors
+ Depression and anxiety + Low-self esteem and self-confidence + Little to ZERO belief in God/Universe/Spirit

Situations like those above left unchecked can reek havoc in your life. They can cause you to doubt yourself, your abilities, and derail your dreams.

This was when I discovered that the Tarot is more of a journey of self-discovery than it is about the Tarot. 

When you’re being called to the Tarot you’re actually being called to address something very specific about yourself. Whether it’s to get a reading or to take a class, there is always something significan waiting for you in the cards. 

The Tarot Is Kinda Like a Giant Spiritual Bitch-Slap!

It can shake you up and cause you to look at serious areas of your life, areas you may be neglecting, forgetting, or perhaps putting off for “some-day”! 

The Tarot can help you to look deeply at yourself and discover your gifts and your graces, your strengths and your shortcomings, ideas you should be working on, people and events you need to release, and so much more.

In my case, the Tarot put me on a TWO YEAR journey THROUGH A COLLEGE DEGREE to discover all the broken parts of myself so I knew exactly where to focus my practice, identify exactly who my ideal clients were, and identify what they needed help with. 

When we’re doing readings or teaching our Tarot students, we personally want to be in a place of self-discovery or on the other-side of a transformative process. You want to at least be in the process of up-leveling and transforming your own life so you know how to guide others in upleveling and transforming their lives.

 We want to be able to relate to where your target market is at so you can to help them get to where they want to be

As you’re reading this page, I invite you to take a moment, pause and reflect on your own journey and look deep within yourself
for a quick minute. 

Is there anything the Tarot may be calling YOU to address?
Where in your life could you be receiving your own Spiritual Bitch-Slap?

2014 Shit Got Real

Right after my college graduation, I was asked to teach a local Tarot class for a fellow grad student and her coaching clients. It was supposed to be just a simple “beginner course”. Instead, it turned out to be the door-opener to a life-altering “awakening” that inspired me to create this entire business.

As I laid out the course, I began to pull out some of the Tarot books I had to reference Tarot card meanings and other info  because I didn’t trust myself and my intuition and what I thought the cards meant. 

But as I flipped through the books I began to notice something. 

No TWO Tarot books contained the exact same information or listed the exact same definitions for each of the
individual Tarot cards.

I couldn’t find any type of collaboration of facts, dates, meanings, or even opinions. Literally, every single book I had said something different than the next. I thought I was losing my fucking mind. 

By the end of the day, I had ALL 42 of my TAROT BOOKS laying WIDE-OPEN on my queen-sized bed along with about TEN WEBSITES open on my computer, with me desperately going back and forth between each one of them trying to find anything that I could reference to put in my course! 

My husband came home from work that night and looked in the bedroom and said, “What in the ever-living hell are you doing?” 

I just looked at him, I didn’t have an answer. 

I felt so defeated, so stupid, and so confused by this entire process I was beyond ready to take the Tarot, the books, and the 50 million decks of Tarot cards I purchased and throw them straight out the f’m window. 

For the next FOUR NIGHTS we slept on the couches in the family room while I tried to figure this mess out. The class was in less than a week and I was beyond stressed and secretly hating myself for ever agreeing to this project.

I literally felt like a crazy person, I felt like the ultimate failure.

I knew I had to get myself together and deliver this class. After all, I’m a bright, rationale, college-educated, and level-headed business woman, so what the hell was I missing?

Spirituality Is the KEY!

The next day, I went back in the bedroom and this time I sat down, and employed some of the meditative and hypnotherapy techniques I learned in my classes.

I sat down on my bedroom floor, took a few deep breaths, grounded, centered, and focused my energy. I began to clear my mind and ask for Spiritual guidance. THIS was all new for me. Until then, I had little to no belief in a Spiritual-Source. 

I may have went through the courses but I was still very disconnected from Spirituality. 

I connected to my Higher Power, my Spirit Guide, and my Guardian Angel and asked for their assistance.

I had NO idea if I was doing it right, I just did it anyways, 

I asked for advice, clarity, a PLAN, something, ANYTHING that would help me RELEASE these ridiculous blocks and obstacles I was experiencing with the Tarot and to be made aware of what I needed to know for this course. 


Soon, I felt this wave of peace come over me, like a cool breeze. 

As I calmed down, I felt in control of myself, my life, and slowly I began to feel my intuition stirring inside me.

I actually felt peaceful and not panicked. 

Then, I Had This Awakening...

In that moment, this light came over me and everything changed. 

For once in my ten-plus years of working with the Tarot and feeling like a total failure, I began to experience total clarity.

The confusion and misunderstandings that plagued my mind, the challenges and inconsistencies I faced on the regular, and the second-guessing and book-checking behavior that devastated my confidence, no longer seemed relevant.   

The veil was thinning and I was awakening..

For the first time ever, I felt like I could become a professional Tarot reader and build a Tarot business… 

I felt like I could make sense of my intuition, the cards, my Spirituality, my dreams, my goals, myself a s a woman, and build the business and lifestyle that I always dreamed of..

And in that moment, this light came over me, and everything changed. I immediately felt at peace!


I Made the Following Revelations:

The following is a compilation of lessons that I learned or realized during that Meditation session that I believe will help you have your own awakening, make sense of your own personal struggles, and most importantly move you forward with the Tarot in love + light! 
zero and one in bright pink text

Develop a CONNECTION to God, Universe, Spirit!

Understanding your Spirituality and who or what you connect to as your Higher Power and Spiritual Team is the single most important step to developing your intuition and radically increasing your self-confidence.

Many of us were brought into a faith or belief system as children and we either outgrew that belief or never jived with it in the first place.

I learned that it's very important to seek out a "Source" that you personally can relate to and understand because that is where our intuition and ultimately your confidence stems from.

zero and two in bright pink text

No One Is More Gifted With the Tarot Than YOU

One of the biggest blocks Tarot practitioners face is they think they lack the amount of intuitive ability necessary to accurately read the Tarot. They see other professional Tarot readers rattle off readings and fear it’s an unachievable task.

I discovered that there is no one who is more intuitive than the next person. What differentiates us is the varying degrees and different styles in which we receive and utilize our intuition and the amount of time and energy we’ve put into practicing.

Everyone has the exact same ability to discover and develop their intuitive senses to their highest ability. There's no one who's more gifted or capable of learning the Tarot than you!

zero and three in bright pink text

Learn to TRUST Yourself, First

As new or flaying Tarot readers we tend to not trust our intuitive hits because we don’t believe we have the wisdom and experience we think we need to be more accurate than established professionals who have published books or websites.

We’re more likely to trust someone else's intuition over our own. Through my journey I learned that our intuition is 100 times more accurate than any other individual's Tarot book or Tarot website definition ever could be and that each of us holds the keys to the answers we seek deep-down inside us.

Meaning, both you and I are fully capable of discerning what the Tarot is saying to us in our readings much more accurately and specifically than any pre-canned meaning written by individuals we don’t even know!

zero and four in bright pink text

There Is NO Master Set of Tarot Definitions

There are also many in our Tarot community who believe there are these sacred hidden Tarot definitions that you need to find, memorize, and master. But in reality, the Tarot was designed to be read with your intuition.

Not to mention, it’s virtually impossible to memorize all 78 cards, upright and reversed with keycharts (I LOATHE key charts), and then be able to parlay those meanings to every single reading you do. UHG!

I leaned there's no “master set” of Tarot definitions or key charts tucked away in some magickal land awaiting our discovery. Instead, it's better (and more interesting) to learn how to intuitively discern for ourselves what each of the 78 Tarot cards represent during each of our readings.

To me, that's the true magick and essence of being a professional Tarot reader.

zero and five in bright pink text

A Spiritual Business Is SERIOUS Business

There’s this belief among certain entrepreneurs and clients that if a business is Spiritual-based, such as a Tarot business, that it’s some-how not a legit “hard-core” business. There are individuals who attempt to launch and/or run this type of business who can sometimes have a lackadaisical or half-assed approach.

They may lack the level of professionalism, integrity, tenacity, and follow-through necessary to run a highly successful business.

A Tarot business is serious business! It’s no different than running a prestigious hair salon, a fine restaurant, or a corporate office. You have to approach it with the same level of hard-work, ethics, and moral compass as you would any type of traditional business, if not more so.

In fact, when you’re working one-on-one with clients and dealing with their personal issues, you have a higher level of professional responsibility to be on your a-game 24/7 365. Your clients deserve a practitioner who is prepared and has their best interests at heart.

zero and six in bright pink text

You Were Created to Be PROSPEROUS Beyond Measure

Many Tarot readers have been told because they’re “Spiritual entrepreneurs” (people really get hung on that word) that they shouldn’t charge money for their readings.

Their complaint is since we supposedly use our “gifts” to do our readings and our gifts come from “God” we can’t technically charge for God (I’m dead serious).

That ridiculousness can leave many potential professional Tarot readers feeling unsure about charging for their readings, let alone start a whole business.

I learned that when we entered into this realm Spirit gave each and everyone of us a specific gift and ability to not only support ourselves but to become prosperous beyond measure. The reason being is that the more successful we become and the more abundance we generate the more we can give back to the community.

We don’t create wealth to line our pockets we create it to impact the world around us.

zero and seven in bright pink text

The Tarot Is BOTH an Art & Science

Many of us that are interested in the Tarot are left-brained or analytical and scientific in nature. You may find it very difficult to relate to right-brained concepts that are creative, artistic, or intuitive like the Tarot.

Because we can be SO logical in nature we can sometimes struggle to let go of our perceived common sense and TRUST our intuition in a reading. This may cause you to feel like a fake, or a fraud, or that you're making up the reading as you go. I understand, it’s damn difficult to promote ourselves and put our word on something when we don’t have facts and absolutes.

In my meditation session, I discovered the Tarot is both an art and a science and appeals to a wide variety of individuals, including us left-brained-creatives. And we have to work to find that same delicate balance between art and science within ourselves as we develop it with the Tarot.

Even though it may feel challenging, I invite you to TRUST and BELIEVE that Spirit has you exactly where you’re supposed to be. With a little time and practice, you’ll learn to let go of what you think you know and allow yourself to trust your intuition and what you DO know.

Where I Am Today

Where I Am Now2

After that entire experience, I said FUCK all of THAT! I made up my mind to stop worrying and start living.

At that moment I SHUT all 42 of my Tarot books for good, boxed about 40 of my Tarot cards, and never looked back!

I decided to focus on what made sense to me and created a business that would help others just like me learn the Tarot and build the business of their dreams.  

Everything I create comes directly from my Heart, Soul and Spirit. All of my content is intuitively downloaded from Spirit and based on my own personal experiences.   

Moving forward…

Right after I earned my degree, I officially retired from my salon and spa life to open and launched my online Tarot business and added my Supernatural School of Spiritual Studies.  

Learning the Tarot is probably one of the most challenging and confusing things you’ll learn in your life-time.

But I promise you, if you believe in yourself just a little bit, you can do anything you set your mind to.

YOU were called to the Tarot for a reason! 

There’s a WHOLE Tarot-world out there, waiting for you to realize your gift and step into your light! 


So, What Does All of This Mean to YOU?


The ONLY reason I’m sharing any of this with you is because I think it’s important for you to see that you’re not alone in your journey and/or your challenges. 

I want you to see that it IS POSSIBLE to overcome everything you’re experiencing and become the professional Tarot reader and badass business owner you were created to be! 

You are NOT a failure. 

You’re incredibly beautiful and brilliant! You just need the right guidance, the right education, and the right community to help you get started.  

You’ll learn how to cut through ALL the BULL-SHIT of whatever it is that’s holding you back and attain everything you desire.

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You’ll learn how to ditch your frustration + overwhelm + lack of self-confidence and get on the road to living your wildest dreams whether you’re brand-new to the Tarot, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in-between!

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EVERYONE talks about “reading the Tarot with their intuition” but FEW understand what that means or HOW to get started.  

In my new workbook, you’ll go on a soul-searching journey to discover and implement five key strategies that play a profound role in the development of both your intuition and your self-confidence.

You’ll get a true understanding of what your intuition is, what it feels like in your body, how to trust the hits you receive in a reading, and most of all, how EVERYTHING works together to radically increase the confidence in yourself and your Tarot reading abilities. 

You’ll gain the wisdom, insight, and expertise necessary to finally do your readings in peace. No more second-guessing yourself and feeling like a fraud! You’ll develop the grit and grace necessary to fearlessly promote yourself and make a difference in the lives of everyone you touch.  

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I can teach you how to ditch your frustration + overwhelm + lack of self-confidence and get you on the road to living your wildest Tarot-Dreams! 

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Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn