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Professional Ethics and Industry Guidelines

Below is my “Code of Ethics” that I personally created to help establish professional standards and industry guidelines for my business that help to ensure a safe and beneficial experience for both my clients and myself.  

This Code of Ethics also serves as a mandate for all individuals whom I entrust, employ, hire, contract, work with, collaborate with, and/or otherwise “do business with” that leads to the creation, development, and delivery of my business services and/or materials.  

The term “We” is used to include myself and ALL of the above mentioned individuals. 
The term “Client(s)” is used to include both clients and students. 

Commitment to Our Clients

We Strive To:

+ Serve the best interests of our clients at all times and provide the highest quality service possible
+ Establish clear and honest communications with our clients.
+ Maintain the confidentiality of health-related or personal information clients share with us and demonstrate compassion and respect at all times.

Commitment to Do No Harm

We Promise To: 

+ Only provide services for which we’re thoroughly trained for and represent our education, training, qualifications, and
abilities in a forthright manner. 
+ Always refer clients to another provider if the client requires help beyond our personal abilities, scope of practice, and training.
+ Choose the very best readings and services suited for the client and not enlist or subject the client to any unnecessary readings or services that will not provide  the desired benefit benefit.
+ Terminate the relationship with any client when the benefit from continued service has been reached and shall not provide service if we don’t have good faith that the client will benefit from the service provided.

Commitment to Professionalism

We Vow To:

+ Create and project a professional image with our behavior, personal appearance, work environment at all times.
+ Maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in our interactions with clients, business associates, health-care professionals, and the general public.
+ Refrain from using alcohol or mind altering drugs before or during professional sessions.
+ Actively participate in educating the public on the benefits of the Tarot, Spiritual Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Holistic, and Metaphysical modalities. 
+ Advocate or our profession when our voice is needed for the protection and advancement of the Tarot and Spiritual Community.

Commitment to Best Business Practices

We’re Dedicated To:

 + Promoting our services ethically and in good taste.
+ Not making false claims or any type of guarantee regarding the benefits of the services we provide.
+ Conducting our business openly honestly and in compliance with the law in regard to financial matters, record keeping, and all other aspects of business.
+ Abstaining from entering upon, participating in, or otherwise involving ourselves with a client in any type or relationship format including friendship and dating.
Striving for excellence and education in both our personal and professional life! 

Commitment to Excellence

At krystenburkhardthansyn.com we are committed to delivering to you the highest level of quality an excellence in every area of this business to help you develop your intuition, radically increase your self-confidence, guide others in transforming their lives, intuitively read the Tarot, and create ONE incredibly badass Tarot business!  

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