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How to Contact & Connect With Me Online!


To help you receive that stellar service, I laid out SIMPLE yet VERY IMPORTANT instructions.  

You can contact me at any time with questions or suggestions regarding the business or technical issues with the site in the Question and Suggestion area created below.

In order to get you what you need in the quickest way possible it’s very important that you ONLY contact me in the way I have mentioned below, otherwise, it causes chaos and confusion and I won’t get your message. 

PLEASE DO NOT post questions, suggestions, or technical problems on ANY of my Social Media sites or try to contact me through any Social Media DIRECT MESSAGE SERVICES.

Also, please don’t post questions, suggestions, or technical issues in any of my Facebook groups or Slack groups, on any of my blog posts comment sections, podcast comment sections, class comment sections, my Spotify account, Pandora account, or any place other than the TWO EMAIL addresses I’ve listed below :)

I don’t know why some individuals do this, I’m asking you to please not… Just drop me an EMAIL and we’re good to go!

 I normally respond within 12-24 hours during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and 
within 24-48 hours DURING WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS. 

Thank YOU so much for your cooperation in this matter, I truly appreciate YOU.

Questions + Suggestions


Questions & Suggestions

If you have questions regarding my SERVICES or if have a SUGGESTION for a service or something I can do better,, please EMAIL me here:

Please be sure to put the SUBJECT MATTER in the SUBJECT LINE of the email.

Technical Questions

If you have any TECHNICAL questions or problems regarding the WEBSITE such as receiving your free offer, posting on our blog, difficulty receiving your free offers, navigating the site, or any other issues regarding the website, please EMAIL me here: support@krystenburkhardthansyn.com

Please be sure to put the SUBJECT MATTER in the SUBJECT LINE of the email. 

Hours of Operation

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