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BE The Intuitive & Confident Professional Tarot Reader You've Always Dreamed Of!

If you’re lookin’ to give your Tarot career a swift kick in the ass this year, I have just the thing you need! 

Learning the Tarot and building a lucrative business is no easy task. And if you’re here, then chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You're Someone Who Would Love to Read the Tarot With Your Intuition and Build a Badass Business, But Instead...

And IF That Is YOU, Then You're In the RIGHT Place!

I know exactly how you feel because I’ve experienced every single one of those issues as well, and it sucked royal.

 The good news is I don’t feel that way any longer and I’m going to teach YOU how not to feel that way too!

Everyone talks about “reading the Tarot with their intuition” but FEW understand what exactly that means or HOW to do it. 

In fact, TWO of the biggest blocks we face as professional Tarot readers is understanding what our intuition is and trusting that the information that we receive in our readings is in-line with your client’s question. 


So many people think they can just pick up a deck of Tarot cards, shuffle them around, lay them out, and the meanings will magickally come to them…

Learning to Read the Tarot with your intuition
Isn't random!

There’s a WHOLE LOTTA SHIZZ You Need to Know! 

To become a professional intuitive Tarot reader, build a real client base, and create a lucrative and lasting income, you need to know WAY know more than just about Tarot cards.

You have to know about self-development, life-coaching, Spirituality, business, marketing, etc.   

But it ALL begins with building a relationship with your intuition and self-confidence.  

You absolutely positively have to understand what your intuition is, how it works, how to recognize it in your body, and how to know when it’s speaking to you.

    You have to be CONFIDENT in your choice to become a professional Tarot reader and BELIEVE in yourself and your Tarot reading abilities.  

But there are a lot of blocks and obstacles, including negative thoughts and self-sabotaging beliefs, that can railroad your intuition and your self-confidence and promptly end your career.  

It doesn’t matter in your brand-new to the Tarot or someone who’s been reading for years…we have to go ALL the way back to the beginning of the journey and make sure we GET THESE TWO PARTS RIGHT so we have a solid foundation to build up from. 

I’m introducing to you my powerful yet simple FIVE STEP system that’ll give you a baseline understanding of what your intuition is, what it feels like in your body, how to trust the hits you receive in a reading, and most of all… increase the confidence in yourself and your Tarot reading abilities. 

Five Simple Steps to IGNITE Your Intuition &
Radically INCREASE Your Self-Confidence!

Here’s a Look of What You’ll Accomplish:

NEWEST Five Steps to Developing Intuition and Self Confidence Workbook (2)

How This Works

This 80-plus page workbook is packed with powerful questions that’ll take you soul-searching journey to discover five different aspects of your life that can simultaneously BLOCK your intuition and KILL your self-confidence.

To help you get the absolute most from this experience, you’ll receive a NEW step from the workbook EVERY DAY for FIVE consecutive days.

When you sign up you’ll immediately receive the “Welcome Email” and STEP ONE of the workbook. Every day after that, you’ll receive the four remaining steps over the four remaining days

That way, you’ll have to the opportunity to discover, develop, and deploy each step of the WORKBOOK and enjoy the process. You won’t become overwhelmed and you’ll have adequate time to implement the activities.

You’ll gain the the wisdom, insight, and expertise you need to finally do your readings in peace and not worry if a card is going to stump you or feeling like an idiot when things don’t go right.

 Most importantly you’ll fearlessly promote yourself and your beautiful readings and begin making a difference in people’s lives! 

You’ll be on track to become the confident and intuitive professional Tarot reader you’ve always dreamed of being whether you’re brand-new to the Tarot, a seasoned pro, or some where in-between! 

Are You Ready to Begin Making ALL of Your Tarot Dreams Come True?

Both the Tarot and Krysten's classes have literally changed my life into one that I’m proud of. Now, I’m a successful Tarot entrepreneur! My schedule has gone from doing free readings for a random client or friend, maybe every couple of months, to scheduling PAYING clients EVERY SINGLE WEEK and my clients are ALL OVER THE WORLD. When working with Krysten you won't be disappointed!
Sarah Haley
Elemental Holistic Health and Wellness / Magick & Mayhem Beauty Apothecaries

I can teach you how to ditch the frustration + overwhelm + lack of self-confidence and get you on the road to living your wildest Tarot-Dreams! 

THANK YOU Very Much For Your Interest!
I can’t wait to work with you…

Brightest Blessings + Namaste’
Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn
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