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The Supernatural School of
Spiritual Studies!

The Supernatural School of Spiritual Studies is the heartbeat of my business and a genuine extension of who I am as a woman, a professional, and an educator

 The “SSSS” was created to support on your journey to become a professional Tarot reader and to also enrich you as a woman and help you to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.  

Inside you’ll find material to help you make all your dreams come true! 

You Are in the Best Place for Success!


I developed a FOUR-POINT System that addresses more then just the basics of the Tarot and gives you well-rounded foundation for your brand-new career that includes Self-Development, Spirituality, Advanced Tarot, and Modern Business.  

I’ve taken my 30 years of my education + expertise + wisdom, and co-created a “master curriculum” that provides you with a premium educational experience that contains the directions, materials, and community to help develop your intuition, radically increase your self-confidence, guide others in transforming their lives, intuitively read the Tarot, and create one incredibly badass Tarot business.  

What’s also cool is that I built my school on a very special platform that was specifically created for online entrepreneur students. 

Which means, they have specific elements about the way they deliver your classes that aligns with your entrepreneurial spirit!  

The Supernatural School of Spiritual Studies will house EVERYTHING you need for your courses and classes in ONE place. 

It saves you the hassle of going to multiple websites, memorizing multiple logins, and instead allows you to FOCUS all of your energy towards your education.

New Launch & Classes Coming SOON!

Because of the difficult situation that many of us are facing during this time, classes and updates will be released probably more towards the end of 2020 and into 2021. 

I’ll be RELAUNCHING the Badassery program and creating individual classes that’ll take you from where you are right now with the Tarot to exactly where you want to be! !can’t wait help YOU make ALL of your dreams come true!

Make sure you hit the button below and you’ll get on my list to receive class updates and launches. 

Are You Ready to Begin Making ALL of Your Tarot Dreams Come True?

Introducing My BRAND-NEW Workbook:

“Five Secret Steps to Ignite Your Intuition & Radically Increase Your Self-Confidence!”

EVERYONE talks about “reading the Tarot with their intuition” but FEW understand what that means or HOW to get started.  

In my new workbook, you’ll go on a soul-searching journey to discover and implement five key strategies that play a profound role in the development of both your intuition and your self-confidence. 

You’ll get a true understanding of what your intuition is, what it feels like in your body, how to trust the hits you receive in a reading, and most of all, how EVERYTHING works together to radically increase the confidence in yourself and your Tarot reading abilities. 

You’ll gain the wisdom, insight, and expertise necessary to finally do your readings in peace. 

No more second-guessing yourself and feeling like a fraud! You’ll develop the grit and grace necessary to fearlessly promote yourself and make a difference in the lives of everyone you touch.  

In as little as FIVE DAYS, you’ll be on track to become the successful intuitive professional Tarot reader you’ve always dreamed of being whether you’re brand-new to the Tarot, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in-between.

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I can teach you how to ditch the frustration + overwhelm + lack of self-confidence and get you on the road to living your wildest Tarot-Dreams! 

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Brightest Blessings + Namaste’
Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn