Supernatural Si-Stars

A "Sacred Society" for Authentic Tarot Boss-Bitches Who Want to Create
Spiritual Sisterhood + Community!

I’ve just launched a BRAND-NEW Facebook Community! If you feel aligned with our PASSION + PURPOSE, you love to engage and interact, and are 100% committed to doing whatever is necessary for your success, then I sincerely invite youto join us and become a FOUNDING MEMBER!

PLEASE take a moment to read over the entire group description to make sure we’re a fit for you! 

On This Page We'll Talk About:

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Quick Introduction

Since there’s already a ton of Tarot groups all over Facebook and Slack, I want to do something just a
little bit different…

Instead of concentrating on just the nuts-and-bolts of the Tarot and how to build a successful business, I want to create an environment where we can focus on additional topics, like us (you and me) as professional business women and the lifestyles we’re working to achieve.

We have to END this negative foolishness that surrounds the Tarot and work with others in our industry to co-create a “Sacred Society” to forge a whole NEW perception of the Tarot industry and the image of what a professional Tarot reader is and does.. 

I want other women and potential clients to see that just because we have Spiritual, Metaphysical, Holistic, or Paranormal careers, we can have a healthy mindset and project a professional image just like any other
successful business women can.

  Which mean in our group, there’ll be NO members with faded messy green hair, poor hygiene, wearing ridiculous outfits, capes, or staffs, while claiming to be a wizards, warlocks or some other type of weirdo.  I’m ony looking for potential members who share a similar concern and philosophy and are ready to become a different kind of rebel.

That’s why I’m referring to this group as a “Sacred Society” as opposed to just an ordinary Facebook Group. The word society conveys culture, class, elegance, quality, professionalism, authenticity, etc.

We’re promoting a healthy, balanced, sophisticated, and fashion-forward-mindset and I’m looking for members who feel the exact same way. While yes, our primary concern is helping people, it’s very important to look and feel amazing while doing so!  

Who We Are

woman weainf g dress

We’re boss-bitches with gypsy souls..kindred spirits with an edge. This is where glam meets guru!

Supernatural Si-Stars is a tribe of like-minded women who are SUPER SERIOUS about developing their skills as professional Tarot readers, building a business and lifestyle they can be proud of, developing life-long authentic friendships, and creating a strong sense of sisterhood. 

The purpose of this “sacred society” is to connect with other professional “witchy-women” and work together to become the women we were created to be and live the lives we were destined to lead. 

We’re beautiful women who shower on the regular, shave or wax our legs (and under our arms), style our hair, follow modern makeup trends, wear clothing that makes us feel elegant, and have an eye for the finer things in life. 

But most importantly, we LOVE the work we do and love making a difference…and we’re lookin’ for other Boss-Bitches to hang with, work with, and support one another on our journey.

Together we can build an environment that’s enlightening, encouraging, fun, inspiring, and safe while also utilizing our Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Holistic gifts to manifest quick success. 

Our Core Values

Who's Eligible to Join?

Being a part of a group means everyone plays a pivotal role in their own personal and professional development and well-being as well as contributing to the development and well-being of the membership.

This Group Is Open to Women Who Are:

Why You Need a Community

When you’re a professional Tarot reader, family and friends may not understand your work with the cards and think the Tarot is either weird, scary, evil, or all the above.  

It’s hard to feel positive about who you are and the work you do when the people closest to you often have the biggest issue with you.

Being a professional Tarot reader can definitely be a lonely place to be. Trust me, I’ve been at this for a while. 

You need a place where you’re surrounded with individuals who are on the same level as you, who have the same drive, desire, goals, and aspirations as you.  

You need friends who genuinely care about you and your success, who’ll support you, and cheer you on daily. 

You need a safe environment where you can be yourself and share share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

That’s why I dubbed our group a sacred society; it’s a private Spiritual-space where you can be with others who share similar dreams and goals and focus on your passion and purpose in peace.   

You Need a Place Where You Can:


inspired an by other BADASS Tarot readers in our community.


authentic friendships with women who share a similar vision.


to master the Tarot and become the very best version of yourself.


a luxury-lifestyle based on your hard-work and excellence.


others your special Tarot expertise and wisdom.


a huge impact with your gifts and graces all-over the world!

What You'll Receive When You Join:

Sacred Society Guidelines

How to Join Us

I’ve had quite a few Facebook communities and sometimes people have trouble finding + joining them. 

Computers, browsers, human error, not reading all of the instructions, and other issues can hinder and impair the “joining process”. 

To ensure you have the best possible experience from the beginning, I’ve laid out the best possible instructions for you to follow.  


Please USE only a lap-top or a desk-top for best results. 

Step 01: Make sure you have a FACEBOOK account and that you’re LOGGED IN before attempting to join.

Step 02: You can join the group by clicking the direct link here: Supernatural Si-Stars Free Facebook Group

Step 02: Or you can log into Facebook and search for the group on your own. The group name is: The Supernatural SiStars.

Step 03: Once you get to the group site, click the “Join Group” button.

Step 04: A pop-up screen will appear and present you with a few short interview questions to answer before being accepted. Most groups do this now to help weed out the lazy ones. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability and click “submit”. If you don’t answer the questions, you will not be permitted to join the group.

Step 05: It can take up to 24 hours, sometimes (very rarely) up to 48 hours on holidays and weekends for me to review and accept requests.* 

Group Contact Info

To help keep your experience positive please be sure to read + follow the instructions in their entirety.

If you have ANY questions, problems joining, or have a suggestion, 

That is THE ONLY place that you’re permitted to contact me.

For various reasons, individuals reach out to me in multiple places and because of that, I’m unable to always get those messages promptly or accurately.

 Please DO NOT contact me through any other email addresses, Social Media accounts, Facebook pages, other groups, or communities, etc. . 

Please don’t post questions, complaints, or suggestions about joining the community or problems, concerns, suggestions, complaints about me, my school, any of my courses, or my business INSIDE the Facebook Community. 

If you do, you’ll automatically be removed with no warning. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone who applies will be accepted.
I check out everyone’s Facebook page and Social Media accounts to make sure we aren’t letting in any PROBLEMATIC PEOPLE.

My team and I reserve the right to accept, refuse, and remove any member at any time at our own discretion. 


Get Ready to Step Into Your Light!

If you feel like you want to be a part of this new group, follow the instructions ABOVE and check us out.
I’d LOVE to have you join us!

My soul-purpose is teaching my brilliant + bodacious BFF’s how to radically increase their self-confidence, guide others in transforming their lives, intuitively read the Tarot, and create one incredibly BADASS Tarot Business!

I will teach you HOW to ditch the frustration + overwhelm + lack of confidence and get on the road doing what you love whether you’re brand-new to the Tarot, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in-between

THANK YOU very much for visiting, I can’t wait to work with YOU!
Brightest Blessings + Namaste’
Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn


Thank You Very Much for Your Interest in 
The Supernatural Si-Stars!