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You’ll receive a premium educational experience that includes the systems + steps + support and all kinds of extra shiz to take you from where you with the Tarot to exactly where you want to be.

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The Tarot Badassery BOOT CAMP Begins JUNE 21, 2021!

I’m ACCEPTING late applications because everything in the group is recorded and you can
catch up quickly! 

I’ll be hosting a LIVE BOOT 12 DAY Boot that will give you the wisdom + expertise + confidence necessary to develop yourself
as a professional, build a REAL business that makes a REAL difference as it makes you money, and help you discovery and experience the type of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about.  

Let’s be real, everything going on in the world today has either sidelined or at least negatively impacted our livelihood and well-being in one way or another and TWO very important lessons I’ve learned in 2020-2021 is that we have to be prepared
and time is of the essence. 

NOW is the time to ACT on your DREAMS & GOALS and not stop wondering and worrying about what you should be doing. Now more than ever we need spiritual entrepreneurs just like YOU to step-up and step-into their LIGHT as a
beautiful + successful+ modern Tarot-BOSS!!

I have SO many amazing things to share with you that are going to absolutely
rock your Tarot-world!

The Boot Camp Is PERFECT For:

Start a NEW BIZ

You're BRAND-NEW to the Tarot and want to learn the right way, from the beginning.

Go NEXT-Level

You want to learn MODERN Tarot and business skills to take your current business to the next level.

Add to an EXISTING Biz

You want to ADD the Tarot as an additional service to your CURRENT spiritual, or holistic business.

You’ll learn how to ditch your frustration + overwhelm + lack of self-confidence and get on the road to living your wildest Tarot-Dreams no matter if you’re brand-new to the Tarot, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between!

Learning to Read the Tarot + Building a Modern Tarot Business Can Be Frustrating AF!

You have this AMAZING DREAM of becoming a professional Tarot Reader, creating a badass Tarot business, and living a luxury lifestyle. 

Every day you imagine what it would be like to wake-up and feel overjoyed about doing the work you love and making a real difference in the lives of your clients.  

You can see yourself sitting in your gorgeous home-office, wearing beautiful clothing with shiny elegant jeweler, feeling uber confident, as you gracefully guide your clients through their life’s biggest challenges. 

You own your own home, you’ve purchased a beautiful car, and all your bill are paid, on time!

You feel INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL that you have the freedom and the ability to make your own decisions and earn the level of income you desire, not what some ass-hat thinks you should earn! 

But instead of feeling overjoyed, excited, and grateful…you feel stuck!

You also feel frustrated and overwhelmed and way less confident than you’d like because learning how to read the Tarot and building a real business is WAY more complicated than what you originally thought. 

There’s just so much you have to learn and do! 

And there are so many different opinions and theories! How the hell are you supposed to know which class has the correct information and which doesn’t?

You’ve spent hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars buying Tarot books and Tarot cards and you’ve spent hundreds of hours searching the internet looking for anyone or anything that could possibly give you the magic-bullet to make sense of this mess.

Finding the right teacher is a WHOLE other issue. 

It’s also hard to find someone you can trust who has the level of EXPERIENCE + EXPERTICE necessary to give you the very best inspiration, information, and strategy to help you bust outta this Tarot-nightmare once and for all. 

The struggle isn’t because you’re lazy or that you can’t learn the Tarot, because you’re quick and smart AF everywhere else in your life, you just don’t understand why you’re having so many damn problems with the Tarot. 

You genuinely love the Tarot and you especially love helping people. 

You don’t even mind the hard work and dedication it takes to make this dream a reality, but damn…the struggle is real y’all. 

I hear you, loud and clear, because I used to feel the exact same way. I was like, what in the ever-living F is up with this Tarot bullshit?! I’ve never had this many problems learning anything in my entire life. 

I couldn’t understand WHY the Tarot was so damn hard to learn.

Then, one day, everything changed!

After about ten years into my Tarot career, (I share all the deets on my About page) I was creating my very first Tarot course when I had a total A-HA life-changing experience that completely opened me up to understanding my intuition and how it worked.

It occurred in a way that simultaneously changed my perspective of intuitive Tarot reading and blew the metaphysical doors
wide-open for me. 

I was able to fall back in love with the Tarot, reignite my passion with my business, understand HOW my intuition works and now, I’m able help you find the light you’ve been searching for as well. 

This Is You...


But This Is Also You...

You truly long to be a professional Tarot Reader and have your very own business but secretly fear
that that it’s WAY over your head and an untouchable reality!

You Dream of a Day When You Can...

It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  
You just want the ability to do the work of your soul, live your life to the fullest, and make a difference in all the lives you touch! 

Learning to Read the Tarot Isn't Random

Learning to read the tarot takes a multi-faceted approach that goes far and above just knowing the Tarot cards. 

To become a professional Tarot reader, build a thriving client-base, guide them through difficult life transitions, create a lucrative and lasting income, and live our dream life..there’s a whole lotta info you have to know, not only about the Tarot, but also business and marketing, self-development, self-spirituality, beauty and style, etc. 

Your Lack of Self-Confidence Stems Directly From a Lack of Education

My biggest problem was that I was self-taught.

Because I struggled for so long my lack of ability was reflected through my lack of self-confidence.

How can you be confident and feel good about something when you’ve had ZERO technical training and guidance?

Our Challenges and WTF’s Can Also BE Related to Not Having the Right Education 

 You might not even be someone who’s not necessarily new to the Tarot. 

Maybe you’re someone who’s already taken a Tarot course and has an established business. 

Maybe you’ve been through several different Tarot courses but you feel something’s still not right.

You’re still struggling, still frustrated, still overwhelmed, and still not very confident.

Just because you’ve taken one Tarot class or ten doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been the right ones for you. 

You just might not have found the right educator with the right formula that can reach deep into your soul, flip that Tarot switch, and set your ass on fire with the cards! 

You don’t know what you don’t know. 

It’s ALL of that “not-knowing” that leads to the frustration, overwhelm, and ultimately the lack of self-confidence that you’ve been experiencing. It isn’t anyone’s fault.

When you’ve been self-taught or haven’t taken the right course it can leave you with giant gaps in your “Tarot-knowledge bank.” 

That emptiness leaves you to operate on only part of the story because you don’t have the big-picture of what the Tarot is

Without a proper education or proper perspective, you don’t know what’s missing.

What began as this amazing soulful experience and the career opportunity of a lifetime has now spiraled into becoming a high-holy nightmare. And dig this, it’ll only get worse.

 YOU want to learn a COMPLETE SYSTEM that’ll give you the

STRUCTURE + STRATEGY + SKILL necessary to learn the Tarot, build a badass
business, and live a luxury lifestyle.

Introducing the Tarot Badassery Boot Camp

This is a very special 12 DAY LIVE Boot Camp that I’ll be hosting in a private Facebook group.
You’ll receive a morning mindset mentoring session to address the spiritual, psychological, and emotional elements behind building a Tarot career and then we have an evening core-class to gain the
insight + structure + strategy necessary to succeed. 
You’ll learn how to activate your intuition & ignite your self-confidence in a way that allows you to create stellar readings that bring stellar results for your clients.

You'll Learn the Following:

To Make this Boot Camp Even MORE SPECIAL, I've Included TEN FREE Bonuses!

Copy of Copy of Tarot journal images

You’ll receive ALL the trainings + tools + tech that’ll help you STEP UP and STEP OUT into your light as a professional Tarot reader, build a badass business, and live a luxury lifestyle!

I want to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to make ALL of your Tarot-Dreams come true!

Individually, Each of These Items Would Cost...

The Boot Camp:

The mentoring sessions, individual classes, along with the individual support and
guidance is valued at over:

The Bonuses

The bonus classes, our girl-gang community,  and continued access to the trainings
is valued at WELL over:  

That’s a total of $997.00! 


Schedule of Events

June 14: Cart Opens for Purchase

The Boot Camp Officllay OPENS for PURCHASE!

June 19: Group Officially Opens

Everyone is Able to Join the Group & Get Acquainted

June 20: Introduction & Getting Started

Meet & Greet + How the Boot Camp Works

June 21: Day One

Morning: What it Means to BE a Spiritual Entrepreneur
Evening: Seven Pillars of Tarot + Five Point Success Plan

June 22: Day Two

Morning: Coming Out as a Professional Tarot Reader
Evening: What the Tarot IS and HOW it Works

June 23: Day Three

Morning: Discover Your Gifts, Passion + Purpose
Evening: The Six Main Components of a Tarot Deck

June 24: Day Four

Morning: Determine the Direction of Your Career
Evening: The Four Main Types of Tarot Imagery

June 25: Day Five

Morning: Developing a Professional Image that Fits Your Unique Style
Evening: Preparation + Professionalism

June 26: Day Six

Morning: Ten Characteristics of a Professional Tarot Reader
Evening: Intuitively Design + Discern a Professional Tarot Reading

June 27: Day Seven

Morning: Breaking Free from Blocks, Obstacles, and Random Self-Sabotage
Evening: Selecting and Caring for Your First Professional Tarot Deck

June 28: Day Eight

Morning: Facing Your Fear and Doing It Anyway
Evening: Package + Position Yourself for Stellar Success

June 29: Day Nine

Morning: Excellence vs Perfection
Evening: Building a Client Base That Sticks

June 30: Day Ten

Morning: It's ALL in the Extra
Evening: Three Essential Elements Necessary for Rapid Tarot Success

July 1: Day Eleven

Morning: Why Now More Than Ever It's Time to Step-Up + Step-Into Your Light
Evening: Extended Q & A + Mini - Coaching Session

July 2: Day Twelve

Boot Camp Review + Wrap Up
Special Announcement and Special Offer!

When You Finish the Boot Camp, You'll Feel:

Feelin’ THIS GOOD Is What Makes You BADASS!

Hi! My Name Is Krysten!

I’m a professional Tarot reader, spiritual educator / mentor, clinical hypnotherapist, ordained minister, and paranormal investigator. I’ve been reading the Tarot for nearly 18 years.

One of my main goals with this business (and I have a few) is to up-level + transform the perception of the Tarot Industry and the image of what a professional Tarot reader is and does. 

I’ve watched so many intelligent, talented, and hardworking women become completely frustrated and overwhelmed trying to learn the Tarot and build a business and lifestyle they can be proud of.

I believe there are quite a few reasons why this is happening…

For one, there’s a massive amount of misinformation and misunderstandings that still surround the Tarot today.  

Many people mistakenly believe that:
+ Tarot readers are satanic and worship the devil
+ You have to look and dress like a carnival side-show   
+ All Tarot readers are of direct gypsy decent 
+ You have to be a psychic-medium or have special skills
+ You have to be deemed “worthy” by an individual or group
+ Because we use our gifts we must read the Tarot for FREE

Secondly, there’s a huge gap in modern Tarot education that’s causing our students to fall flat when it comes to learning how to use Tarot cards and create residual income.

The ignorant belief remains that Tarot classes aren’t necessary, that you don’t need a teacher, and you can ultimately teach yourself to read the Tarot!

Or you have unqualified individuals teaching who have never so much as professionally read the Tarot or ran a successful  business leading unsuspecting students down a dark road.

Each year, literally HUNDREDS of women sign-up for Tarot classes, yet most end up quitting within the first few DAYS to WEEKS of a course because they’re not getting it! 

I want to change ALL of that! 

You deserve to feel AMAZING and EXCITED about your choice to become a professional Tarot reader, not skeptical! 

I want to help you develop a REAL career, a rock-solid business, and live the type of lifestyle that aligns with who you are as a woman. It’s ALL possible!!  

I want to help you create something that’ll personally enrich you and financially support you. 

Something else I invite you to consider is there’s NOTHING about being a professional Tarot reader or Spiritual entrepreneur that says you have to LOOK or BE a certain way.  

We’re NOT evil or are tied to any type of demonic or religious practice. In fact, there are many professional Tarot readers that are Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, etc.   

You don’t have to come from any particular group or blood-line or be approved by any particular society or organization. 

You can be as smart, stylish, sexy, and as successful as you choose to be.

Your investment in yourself NOW allows you to invest in the things YOU LOVE later. 

As a professional Tarot reader…YOU CAN BE, DO, HAVE WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!

Join me, and together we can create a whole new perception of the Tarot industry and the image of what a professional Tarot reader is and does! 

Purchase the Tarot Badassery Boot Camp Today!

The Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t believe the Boot Camp will provide everything I promise,  you have until midnight Tuesday Night June 22  to receive a FULL REFUND. 

Simply email me and I’ll return your entire investment, no questions asked. 

THANK YOU Very Much For Your Interest!
I can’t wait to work with you…

Brightest Blessings + Namaste’
Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn