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This is a sacred-space designed just for my clients and my students to share their personal stories of how their lives have been up-leveled and transformed through the magick and the mystery of the Tarot!

The following are heart-felt letters written by some of the most amazing women that I’ve ever met and had the honor and privilege of working with.  

This is a place where you can open your heart and soul and allow others to see what it really takes to make all of your dreams come true…

Success is not a fantasy or something that requires a fairy god-mother. Success is the result of hard-work and  determination. 

The women below discovered those things about themselves and when mixed with the right education and the right support system, they had the ability to create something amazing!

THANK YOU to everyone who has shared their story. 

If you would like to share your journey please Contact Me and I’ll be honored to post your story too! 


“I’ve Been Able to Overcome Incredible Trauma”!

I’ve known Krysten for almost three years now. She truly cares about her clients and lives to help people find their true selves. Her readings are always stellar – giving you insight into what’s going on around you, why and how to address it so that you can be happier and more at peace within yourself.

Thanks to Krysten – her wonderful readings, teachings and friendship, I have been able to overcome some major past trauma, I am able to see things in a different perspective and release what doesn’t serve me.  

To say my life has changed drastically in a positive way since meeting her is a complete understatement! I’m beyond BLESSED and THANKFUL to have her in my life! I’m finally able to see things in a different way and release what does not serve me.

Stephanie Scanlon
Massage Therapist  / Energy Practitioner / Professional Tarot Reader

“I Was Giving Accurate Readings in One Weekend”!

Having known I was Intuitive since childhood and not necessarily knowing what to do with my gifts, I jumped at the opportunity to take Krysten’s Tarot 101 class when she offered it.

My only experience with Tarot was two readings I had received in the past. I had no idea how to use the cards or how to give a good reading, but Krysten’s class made the Tarot come to life for me.

Her clear and concise explanations, graphics, and “hands-on” training made understanding the Tarot a breeze! Her ability to simplify a process that seems so overwhelming to someone with no prior knowledge is extraordinary.

In 8 short hours, I was able to learn enough knowledge and gain enough confidence to give accurate Tarot readings to my clients that weekend! I couldn’t believe it!

I had never given a reading before and after her intro course, I was able to give an amazing reading.

If you have even the slightest interest in Tarot or are just curious to find out more, I highly recommend taking one of Krysten’s classes, you’ll walk in a rookie but will walk out a professional.

Gina Andriacca
Life Coach / Clinical Hypnotherapist

“I Had a Clear Picture of What I Needed to Do Next”!

I’ve had multiple readings with Krysten. She’s very on point and accurate.

In my readings, she would ask me a few questions and go in detail with the answer to each question. The amount of detail and preciseness she provides in a reading is unbelievable.

Krysten’s readings guide you to your next step so you have a clear picture of what and how to move next. I appreciate her for everything she’s helped me through as she is extremely supportive.

Trista Luigi
Life Coach / Professional Tarot Reader / Educator

“I Went From Scheduling Free Readings Once a Month to Scheduling Paid Readings Every Single Week”!

In the Total Tarot Badassery Program, you learn how to read the Tarot using your intuition as opposed to trying to memorizing the cards.You learn how to attune your intuition and the cards to each of your individual clients and their individual situation.

That alone changed everything for me. I always felt like my readings were saying the same thing over and over again. After you finish this class, both you and your clients are going to be blown away by your readings.

Now, I won’t say the class is easy. In fact, it takes a great deal of commitment and hard work, but the results are is priceless!

My schedule has gone from doing free readings for a random client or friend, every couple of months, to scheduling PAYING clients EVERY SINGLE WEEK and my clients are all over the world.

Krysten’s class and the Tarot have literally changed my life into one that I’m proud of! Now, I’m a successful Tarot entrepreneur and it all began with taking a chance on the Badassery Program.

f you’ve ever wanted to learn the Tarot and create a business and life you can be proud of, I highly recommend you take the class. You won’t be disappointed!

Sarah Haley

Elemental Holistic Health and Wellness / Magick & Mayhem Beauty Apothecaries

“My Readings Have Become So Much More Powerful”!

Krysten’s work has been a blessing for me personally and professionally. I have had multiple readings from her and can attest to how gifted a reader she is!

I was feeling overwhelmed in launching my coaching business, but Krysten has had deep insights into my situation and was able to give me clear, actionable steps that bring me further in alignment with my goals.

She’s also compassionate, kind and wise. Her warm personality immediately put me at ease and has allowed a deep trust to build between us, making my readings that much more powerful.

In addition, I have taken her Total Tarot Badassery course and can say it’s life-changing. I’ve read Tarot for many years, but I learned more in this course than in all the books and self-directed research I’ve done over the years.

Her teaching style is relatable and entertaining and her classes are comprehensive, deep and fun. I have also been a participant in her Facebook groups, which are dynamic as she freely shares her wisdom and insights.

I wholeheartedly recommend Krysten Burkhardt Hansyn as both a reader and as a teacher, and as a warm and wise human being.

Michelle Manley
Owner Mythic Alchemy

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Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn