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I’m looking for a select group of women who are ready to shed society’s norm of what they should “do” with their life + business and embrace their rebel nature by becoming the Tarot BADASS they were born to be!

What if you had the insight + structure + strategy that teaches you HOW to activate your inner boss-bitch + divine guidance and co-create the EXACT type of business and lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of?

The Total Tarot Badassery Master Program is a seven week master study of SELF + the TAROT that teaches you HOW to UP – LEVEL + TRANSFORM into a professional Tarot reader, build a badass business, and live a luxury life-style!

You’ll learn the REAL DEAL of what goes into the following that literally NO ONE is talking about:  

+ becoming a professional business woman

+ reading the Tarot with your intuition

+ radically increasing your self-confidence

+ designing + discerning elegant readings with stellar accuracy

+ charging a premium fee for your premium services

+ packaging and positioning yourself in a way that attracts your DREAM CLIENTS + MAKES MONEY

And then we take ALL of that and DISCOVER and DO the type of lifestyle YOU want to live! 

I’m looking for authentic BOSS-BITCHES who are ready to step-up and step into their 

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You're In the Right Place If You Want To:

You’ll learn how to ditch your frustration + overwhelm + lack of self-confidence and get on the road to living your wildest Tarot-Dreams no matter if you’re brand-new to the Tarot, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between!

Learning to Read the Tarot + Building a Modern
Tarot Business Can Be Frustrating AF!

My Imagination Tells Me Your Here Because the Struggle Is Real!

You have this AMAZING DREAM of becoming a professional Tarot Reader, creating a badass Tarot business, and living a luxury lifestyle. Every day you imagine what it would be like to wake-up and feel BLESSED + EXCITED to be able to do the WORK YOU love and make a real difference in the lives of everyone you work with. 

You can picture yourself sitting in your gorgeous home-office, looking + feeling FLY AF, as you gracefully guide your clients through their life’s biggest challenges. 

You feel INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL that you have the freedom and the ability to make your own decisions and earn the level of income you desire, not what some ass-hat thinks you should earn! 

But instead of feeling blessed, excited, and grateful…you feel stuck!

You also feel FRUSTRATED and OVERWHELMED and way less confident than you’d like because learning how to read the Tarot and building a real business is WAY more complicated than what you originally thought. 

There’s just so much you have to know and do! 

And there’s so many different thoughts and opinions of how you should read the Tarot and build your business! 

How the hell are you supposed to know what’s the “RIGHT” way? 

You’ve spent HUNDREDS (maybe thousands) of dollars buying Tarot books and Tarot cards and you’ve spent HUNDREDS of hours researching the internet looking for anyone or anything that could possibly give you the magic-bullet to make sense of this gigantic Tarot mess.

And finding the right teacher is a WHOLE other issue. 

It’s also hard to find someone you can trust who has the level of WISDOM + EXPERIENCE + EXPERTICE to teach you the INSIGHT, STRUCTURE, AND STRATEGY and bust you outta this Tarot-nightmare once and for all. 

The struggle isn’t because you can’t learn the Tarot, because you’re QUICK and SMART AF everywhere else in your life, you just don’t understand why you’re having so many damn problems with the Tarot. 

You genuinely love the Tarot and you especially love helping people. 

You don’t even mind the hard work and dedication it takes to make this dream a reality, but damn…the current level of bullshit and trying to figure everything out on your own is WAY ABOVE your pay-grade.


In the REAL World, You're Like...


But With the Tarot, You Feel Like...


You Dream of a Day When You Can...

It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  
You just want the ability to do the true work of your soul, live your life to the fullest,
and make a real difference in the lives of everyone you touch!  

Learning to Read the Tarot Isn't Random

Learning to read the Tarot takes a multi-faceted approach that goes far and above just knowing the Tarot cards. 

To become a professional Tarot reader, build a thriving client-base, guide them through difficult life transitions, create a lucrative and lasting income, and live our dream life, there’s a whole lotta info you have to know, not only about the Tarot, but also business, marketing, self-development, self-spirituality, how to present yourself as a professional and more. 

I struggled for TEN LONG YEARS before had a spiritual break-through in a meditation session that taught me everything I’m sharing with you today. 

Previously, my self-confidence was SO BAD, I either didn’t tell anyone I read the Tarot for fear someone would ask me to do a reading or I ended up NOT CHARGING them because I felt like my readings just weren’t good enough to have someone pay me.

And I’m like you, I’m NO dummy. 

I’m a professional businesswoman who worked and thrived in the salon and spa industry for over 30 years. I also taught cosmetology, esthetics, massage, and energy work. 

But like a lot of people, I thought I could teach the Tarot to myself but I was seriously wrong-o and IT SHOWS! 

Our Lack of Self-Confidence Stems Directly From a Lack of Education

My biggest problem with the Tarot WAS was that I was self-taught.

Yup, and I said it out loud. AND I struggled for TEN LONG YEARS before I had my break-through. 

And because I struggled for so long my lack of ability was reflected through my lack of self-confidence.

How can you be confident and feel good about something when you’ve had ZERO technical training and guidance?

WE don’t know what we don’t know. 

It’s ALL of that “not-knowing” that leads to the frustration, overwhelm, and ultimately the lack of self-confidence that you’ve been experiencing. It isn’t anyone’s fault.

When you’ve been self-taught it can leave you with giant gaps in your “Tarot-knowledge bank.” 

That emptiness leaves you to operate on only part of the story because you don’t have the BIG-PICTURE of what the Tarot is

Without a proper education or proper perspective, we don’t know what’s missing.

What began as this amazing soulful experience and the career opportunity of a lifetime has now spiraled into becoming a high-holy nightmare. And dig this, UNTIL you get an education the shit will only get worse and potentially cause you to miss out completely on your Tarot career entirely! 

Not cool. 

You came into this world with a GIFT, PASSION, and a SOUL-PURPOSE but it’s up to US to step up and claim it! 

Our Challenges + WTF’s Can ALSO Be Related to NOT Having the Right Education 

 You might not even be someone who’s not necessarily new to the Tarot. 

Maybe you’re someone who’s already taken a Tarot course and has an established business. 

Maybe you’ve been through several different Tarot courses but you feel something’s still not right.

You’re still struggling, still frustrated, still overwhelmed, and still not very confident.

You just might not have found the RIGHT EDUCATOR with the RIGHT FORMULA that can reach deep into your soul, flip that Tarot switch, and ignite your inner GIFT, PASSION + SOUL-PURPOSE. 

 YOU need a COMPLETE SYSTEM that’ll give you the
STRUCTURE + STRATEGY + SKILL necessary to learn the Tarot, build a badass business, and live a luxury lifestyle.  

Introducing The Total Tarot Badassery
Master Program!

Total Tarot Badassery IS the TOTAL package. 

 It gives you the insight + structure + strategy that teaches you HOW to activate your inner boss-bitch + divine guidance and co-create the EXACT type of business and lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of!

Badassery Consists of Three Main Parts

zero and one in bright pink text

The Seven Pillars

The core classes necessary to give you the insight + structure + strategy to develop yourself as a professional, build a real business that makes a difference as it makes you money, and help you discover and create what "luxury lifestyle" means to you.

zero and two in bright pink text

Five Point Success Plan

We take the Tarot and add FOUR ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS that you're passionate about and incorporate them into your Tarot business in a way that allows you to EXPAND + ENRICH your services and simultaneously attract additional potential clients.

zero and three in bright pink text

Mindset Mentoring

We go deep into the subconscious to discover + hone your gifts, passion, and soul purpose as we recognize, resolve + release the blocks, obstacles, and random self-sabotage that tries to prevent us from achieving EVERYTHING we desire!

I combine, the TECHNICAL aspect of learning and understanding the Tarot, incorporating ADDITIONAL INTERESTS into your Tarot business that expand your interest and influence, while simultaneously addressing the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT aspects of SELF + and your SOUL in relation to you  becoming the very best version of yourself.
There’s SO MUCH more to becoming a professional Tarot reader and building a highly profitable and helpful  business that leads to you living a luxury lifestyle…in whatever way that looks like to  you.

In the real business world, MEMORIZATION isn’t a thing. 

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to memorize ALL 78 cards, upright and reversed, without some sort of “medical terminology” style system of learning complete with root words, prefixes, and suffixes. 

And I thought of it, believe me, but memorization isn’t where it’s at.

So we have to learn how to use our intuition in a way that allows us to TRUST ourselves that the hits we receive in the reading are in-line with the client’s question and what they want to know. .


Next...You Have To...

The Badassery Program Consists Of:

Introduction to the Tarot

Becoming a professional Tarot reader and building a badass business BEGINS with understanding WHAT THE TAROT IS + ISN’T, HOW we use the cards, and understanding our role as a professional Tarot reader and badass business owner. 

You’ll receive EVERYTHING listed below including SEVEN WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALLS with yours truly to provide personal guidance + support, answer your questions, give expert advice and tips, and to give you the time and space to share your thoughts and ideas, brainstorm, collaborate, and receive feedback from everyone!   

It’s a BRAND-NEW added benefit I just added with this launch. 

The Complete
Major + Minor Arcana

RELEASE the NEED to MEMORIZE the cards and HAVING TO HAVE PROOF of what the cards mean in your readings, by expanding your knowledge of the SIX MAIN COMPONENTS of the Tarot, understand what the cards can potentially REPRESENT in a reading, and HOW to build a a powerful one-on-one relationship with each individual Tarot Card.

Symbolism + Metaphor

In Pillar Three we’ll take a THREE-DIMENSIONAL VIEW at the Tarot and explore the concept of SYMBOLS + the FOUR MAIN TYPES of symbolism that appear on a Tarot card, how symbolism helps us to READ INTUITIVELY, and what the individual forms of symbolism can POTENTIALLY REPRESENT in a Tarot reading. 

Professionalism + Preparation

Being a successful entrepreneur ALL comes back to our level of professionalism and HOW we PROPERLY prepare for our SERVICES: mind, body, and spirit. 

You’ll learn HOW TO up-level and transform yourself into a PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS WOMAN (with an edge) and create your unique individual style and while SIMULTANEOUSLY learning how to PROPERLY PREPARE yourself, your space, your client, and more and how ALL OF THAT goes into CREATING + DELIVERING highly accurate and stellar readings.

Intuitively Design + Discern
a Professional Tarot Reading

BEING a professional Tarot reader relies on our ability to INTUITIVELY DESIGN the ideal reading for our client and to be able to INTUITIVELY DISCERN what the messages are, in relation to the client’s question, and then being able TELL IT BACK to the client with stellar accuracy.

In this segment, you’ll learn several PROPRIETARY FORMULAS that’ll give you the EXPERTISE + CONFIDENCE to create and relay beautifully elegant CUSTOM tarot readings that’ll be the hallmark of your Tarot practice.

Your First Professional Tarot Deck

AVOID having what I call  “TAROT CARD GRAVEYARD by learning HOW to choose the very best Tarot deck thgat resonates with you.

In Pillar SIX you’ll learn what exactly goes into buying the IDEAL TAROT DECK for you, how to CARE for and store your cards, and HOW to build a strong LIFE-LONG RELATIIONSHIP with your FIRST PROFESSIONAL Tarot deck

Going PRO With the TAROT!

Slice through ALL the OVERWHELM + BS of getting a business up and running and go straight to Boss-Bitch Status…

Learn SEVEN Lessons that give you the RIGHT tools and develop your confidence to make your brand-new Tarot Business run like a well-oiled machine by having the BEST systems in place to ATTRACT hundreds (even thousands) of beautiful “like-minded” Boss-Bitches who greatly benefit from your particular brand of Tarot Reading skills and expertise

I’ve taken my 30 years of my education + expertise + wisdom, and co-created a “master curriculum” that provides you with a premium educational experience that contains the directions, materials, and community to help develop your intuition, radically increase your self-confidence, guide others in transforming their lives, intuitively read the Tarot, create one incredibly badass business, and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Did Someone Say Bonuses?

To make your Badassery experience even more BADASS, I’ve included the 
following BONUSES! 


IMMEDIATELY START PRACTICING and getting down to business with  my PERSONAL INTERPRETATIONS (forward & reversed) for each of the Major + Minor Arcana INCLUDING all of the different types of  SYMBOLISM found on the cards. 

And MORE Bonuses!

AND….You also receive the following MATERIALS + SPIRITUAL SUPPORT to help you get a SOLID-FOUNDATION for your education and business.

PLUS These Extra Special Courses

These are THREE powerful courses I created that’ll provide you with fundamental KNOWLEDGE + EXERCISES that fit perfectly into the Badassery Program that’ll give you the ability to fully activate BOSS-BITCH status! 

When You Finish, You'll FINALLY Feel:

This is a unique LIFE-CHANGING + CAREER LAUNCHING COURSE that will give you EVERYTHING you need to go from where you are with the Tarot right now to exactly where you want to be, no matter if you’re BRAND-NEW to the Tarot,
a SEASONED-PRO, or somewhere IN-BETWEEN.

The Price

To officially KICK-OFF your brand-new Tarot career and become an official member of the Badassery Sisterhood, and get EVERYTHING listed above plus…

The Badassery Program

The Seven Pillars of Tarot, Five-Point Success Plan, SEVEN LIVE weekly coaching calls


The Tarot Interpretations, THREE additional courses, the Facebook group, unlimited access to the program…

Would cost well over $11,500.00!

But I have a SPECIAL OFFER for you…

I KNOW your super-serious about UP-LEVELING + TRANSFORMING yourself into an amazing Professional Tarot reader, creating a real business that makes a difference as it makes you money, and living a lux-life where you you get to discover and create exactly what that is to you. 

 You’re ready to step-up and step into your light and SHINE like the rebel badass you are! 

You’re ready to go deep within yourself and activate your inner boss-bitch + divine guidance and live your soul purpose. 

You know you were made for more and you know you deserve better. 

You’re sick and tired of riding the “eternal fence” of wondering what you should do with your life while you watch ALL those bitches on Instagram just KILLIN’ IT with their Tarot businesses.

You’re READY to say FUCK  IT…I’m IN! 

 SO to make it SUPER EASY for you to get off the fence and into class by offering you a one-time

That’ll get you in the door and into class and on your way to making ALL of your Tarot DREAMS come true! 

I’ve taken my 30 years of my education + expertise + wisdom, and co-created a “master curriculum” that provides you with a premium educational experience that contains the directions, materials, and community to help develop your intuition, radically increase your self-confidence, guide others in transforming their lives, intuitively read the Tarot, create one incredibly badass Tarot business, and live the lifestyle you’ve always desired. 

The Guarantee

14 Day Money Back Guarantee*

The Total Tarot Badassery Master Program has a 14 DAY money-back guarantee! 

In order to receive your refund, simply show you’ve viewed the FIRST TWO weeks of videos, Pillar One & Two, attend the FIRST TWO coaching calls, and complete the associated assignments, and submit to me your REFUND REQUEST and your why you haven’t received the value promised in the course description. 

REFUNDS are ONLY ISSUED in cases where the student genuinely feels they haven’t learned what was promised to them as outlined in the course description.

I want YOU to feel EMPOWERED and EXCITED about the Tarot.   

The refund policy does not include change of heart, of heart, change of direction in career, tire-kicker syndrome, etc. 



It’s going to challenge you and make you think + work in ways you may have never done before.  

The VIP Intensive Upgrade

Now…I have something special for the woman who already knows she’s BADASS and wants to immediately upgrade to Rock – Star Now…

THIS is my BIG GUN….My EXCLUSIVE “VIP” Four Week Certification Program 

When you join at the VIP Level, you receive everything above PLUS these additional exclusive elements…

Teaching you HOW to read the Tarot and Build a Tarot Business is one thing, teaching you HOW to approach people, how to talk to people, and especially how to build a clientele is quite another..

Over a course of 32 plus years I built amazing client-bases in every area of my career FILLED with high-quality, high-paying, and exceptionally loyal clients faster than anyone I’ve ever worked with and now I’m teaching it to you. 

The VIP is a SIX WEEK mastermind + sacred circle community that teaches you my proprietary formulation of taking everything you’ve learned from the Badassery Program and adding up to 30 potential clients in as little as 30 days. 

You’ll learn the ART of SPIRITUAL and RELATIONSHIP MARKETING along with my proprietary philosophy of how to open yourself up to a deeper intuitive knowing + spiritual consciousness that naturally attracts similarly aligned individuals into your life in a way that allows you to connect + converse and determine they’re a fit for your business. 

I GUARANTEE no other Tarot Educator and/or program has THIS..

WARNING: THE VIP is ONLY for SUPER-SERIOUS professional Tarot readers who are ready to activate BOSS-BITCH status and make success happen. 

How the VIP Intensive Works

The VIP IS NOT a course and doesn’t have the same format as the Badassery Program

Instead it’s a “mastermind style” group mentoring/coaching program that utilizes my philosophy and proprietary formulation, systems and steps that focuses on taking specific targeted action daily action and repeating that process for the entire 30 days.  

We’ll have a group call once a week for six weeks to go over the project and discuss the aspect of the program you’re in and meet weekly in the group for SIX weeks, beginning with WEEK ONE where I’ll formally introduce the project and go over the entire process, answer questions, etc.

Don’t worry, you’ll receive support paperwork and worksheets to assist the process and keep you organized and on-point. 

Week two, three, and four we come back to the circle where EVERYONE has a chance to be heard and connected with and you’ll have the opportunity to share your progress, ask for feedback, share your wins, share your losses, brainstorm, collaborate, and literally build your businesses together side by side. 

In our final week, week six, we’ll come back to the circle and go over the finality of the project and prepare for your FINAL exam and certification process. 

You'll Receive the Following:

Six Weekly Mentoring Sessions With Q + A

Once a week we'll meet for 90 minutes to help CREATE and COMPLETE your special project and answer your questions. But it's not going to be me just talking TO you; we're going to get together and work together like a team. We're going to build your businesses together! You'll have the opportunity to talk out loud, get feedback, brainstorm, collaborate, share your thoughts + feelings, etc.

Your 30 Day Project

You'll receive your 30 day “proprietary project” that contains the insight + structure, and strategy to ATTRACT + BUILD + MAINTAIN your “ideal” client-base with the potential to gain up to 30 clients or more in as little as 30 days.

Proprietary Worksheets

You receive SIX weekly packs of downloadable specialized PDF WORKSHEETS,TEMPLATES + MATERIALS to help you walk-through, plan, organize, and execute your badass assignment.

Custom Scripts + Templates

Learn how to IDENTIFY, APPROACH, and SPEAK to potential clients with CONFIDENCE. You'll learn the EXACT LANGUAGING, TONE + MANNERISMS that I perfected and STILL use in my business today..I’ll also include worksheets for you to begin crafting your own unique style of sales closing.

Spiritual Support

You'll receive GUIDED MEDITATIONS to help you activate your GIFTS, PASSION, and SOUL-PURPOSE and VISUALIZE your ideal clients + develop the badass business you always dreamed of.

Additional Journal Prompts + Affirmations

You’ll receive new and additional journal prompts and weekly affirmations you can utilise to go deeper within your soul to discover and bring out your inner-most badass version of self and stay inspired and motivated throughout your project.

Exclusive Facebook Group

You immediately upgrade to become part of an ELITE + EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group (when the VIP begins) with your new BADASS soul-sister partners. This is a tribe of like-minded women who are SUPER SERIOUS about developing their skills as professional Tarot readers, building a business and lifestyle they can be proud of, developing life-long authentic friendships, and creating a strong sense of sisterhood.

Final Exam + Special Certification

You’ll have the opportunity to apply for and take a very special FINAL EXAM which will can lead to a Total Tarot Badassery Certificate!


Along with everything listed above, you'll receive all kinds additional TIPS + INSIDER INFO throughout the entire program. You'll also receive PRIORITY CONTACT, meaning you'll have immediate access to me and my assistance through-out the entire VIP and long into your career! I got your back!

Get BOTH + Really Rock Your Career!

The Badassery Program Is Valued at:

The VIP Intensive Is Valued at:

Don’t worry, simple PAYMENT PLANS are available! I can make ALL things possible for those who are super-serious about creating the Tarot business they’ve always wanted and living their dream lifestyle!  

Apply Here for the VIP Intensive

Please click the link below to fill out the short application if you're interested in taking BOTH the VIP
and the Badassery Program.

The VIP Intensive is NOT available as a stand-alone program because the program is built off of the insight, structure, and strategy of The Total Tarot Badassery Master Program. 

Because I teach a proprietary curriculum and share very specific material throughout the VIP, it would be difficult for someone outside of that knowledge-bank to participate and get the results they deserve.  

 I apologize for the inconvenience. 


The results of the VIP are not guaranteed. 

Your success with the Intensive is determined by your level of hustle, determination, and follow-through. Building a business and client base is HARD WORK. 

It’s definitely not for the light-hearted and lazy. 

What I CAN guarantee is if you show up to the weekly coaching calls and DO THE WORK + YOU WILL ADD more people to your business than if you didn’t.  

 The problem may arise that it takes some people a little longer to find their target market. But once you do, stick with the process.   

AND the work doesn’t stop at the 30 days mark. 


Sign Up to Learn More!

Doors are OPENING SOON + CLASS size is limited. Sign up and get on the list to receive the latest updates and when the doors open to purchase! 

Hi! My Name Is Krysten!

I’m a professional Tarot reader, spiritual educator / mentor, clinical hypnotherapist, ordained minister, and paranormal investigator. I’ve been reading the Tarot for nearly 18 years.

One of my main goals with this business (and I have a few) is to up-level + transform the perception of the Tarot Industry and the image of what a professional Tarot reader is and does. 

I’ve watched so many intelligent, talented, and hardworking women become completely frustrated and overwhelmed trying to learn the Tarot and build a business and lifestyle they can be proud of.

I believe there are quite a few reasons why this is happening…

For one, there’s a massive amount of misinformation and misunderstandings that still surround the Tarot today.  

Many people mistakenly believe that:
+ Tarot readers are satanic and worship the devil
+ You have to look and dress like a carnival side-show   
+ All Tarot readers are of direct gypsy decent 
+ You have to be a psychic-medium or have special skills
+ You have to be deemed “worthy” by an individual or group
+ Because we use our gifts we must read the Tarot for FREE

Secondly, there’s a huge gap in modern Tarot education that’s causing our students to fall flat when it comes to learning how to use Tarot cards and create residual income.

The ignorant belief remains that Tarot classes aren’t necessary, that you don’t need a teacher, and you can ultimately teach yourself to read the Tarot!

Or you have unqualified individuals teaching who have never so much as professionally read the Tarot or ran a successful  business leading unsuspecting students down a dark road.

Each year, literally HUNDREDS of women sign-up for Tarot classes, yet most end up quitting within the first few DAYS to WEEKS of a course because they’re not getting it! 

I want to change ALL of that! 

You deserve to feel AMAZING and EXCITED about your choice to become a professional Tarot reader, not skeptical! 

I want to help you develop a REAL career, a rock-solid business, and live the type of lifestyle that aligns with who you are as a woman. It’s ALL possible!!  

I want to help you create something that’ll personally enrich you and financially support you. 

Something else I invite you to consider is there’s NOTHING about being a professional Tarot reader or Spiritual entrepreneur that says you have to LOOK or BE a certain way. 

We’re NOT evil or are tied to any type of demonic or religious practice. In fact, there are many professional Tarot readers that are Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, etc.   

You don’t have to come from any particular group or blood-line or be approved by any particular society or organization. It’s NO ONE’s business WHAT THE FUCK YOU DO. 

You can be as smart, stylish, sexy, and as successful as you choose to be.

Your investment in yourself NOW allows you to invest in the things YOU LOVE later.

As a professional Tarot reader…YOU CAN BE, DO, HAVE WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!


Join me, and together we can create a WHOLE NEW PERCEPTION of the Tarot industry and the image of what a professional Tarot reader IS and DOES! 

THANK YOU Very Much For Your Interest!
I can’t wait to work with you…

Brightest Blessings + Namaste’
Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn