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Ditch your frustration + overwhelm + lack of self-confidence and get on the road to living your wildest Tarot-dreams whether you’re brand-new to the Tarot, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in-between. 

My Imagination Tells Me Your Here Because
the Struggle Is Real!

So here you are… working hard, day after day, week after week, and doing everything you can to learn the Tarot and build your business on the side, but the problem is, you still don’t feel confident wit the cards.  . 

And what sucks even more is that you don’t know what the problem is or what’s blocking you. You just know that it feels as if there’s someone or something holding you back from achieving your dreams, and you’re sick of it! 

 You’ve always been badass everywhere else in your life, so why the struggle now?

Normally, This Is You:

But With the Tarot, You Feel Like This:

You feel like this
You truly long to be a professional Tarot Reader but secretly fear that that it’s WAY over your head and an untouchable reality!

You Dream of a Day When You Can...

Happy Business Woman
It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  
You just want the ability to do the work of your soul, live your life to the fullest,
and make a real difference in the lives of everyone you touch! 

So, How Do I Know All of This About You?

Because I Have the Exact Same Dreams and Desires That You Do

I’ve also experienced the exact same level of frustration, overwhelm, and lack of self-confidence that you have as well.

It just seemed that no matter what I did or how hard I tried, I just couldn’t “get it”, you know? And all of that left me feeling constantly unsure and insecure about my choice to become a professional Tarot reader and my ability to do the job.

 I kept wondering if I was making a mistake, if I made the wrong choice, if there was something else I should have been doing. 

I didn’t know what to do and and a result I was a hot mess for a very long time.

The GOOD NEWS is that I don’t feel that way any longer and I’m going to teach YOU how not to feel this way any longer as well!

Part of My Struggle Was That I Just Didn’t Know Enough

The BIGGEST PROBLEM I faced with the Tarot was that I taught myself. Online Tarot classes weren’t yet a ”thing” and I didn’t know anyone who was teaching local Tarot classes at the time, so I had limited options.

As a result, I began to teach myself. In the process I became OBSESSED with Tarot books and started purchasing and reading every single book I could find. Guess how many? I’ll give you a hint, the number has a 4 and a 2 in it. 

Did I mention that I also purchased over 50 DIFFERENT TAROT DECKS? 

Yeah, I became a total head-case.

I was desperately searching for that “magic bullet” that would help me to quickly memorize the cards once and for all and give me the confidence, clarity, and skillset I needed to read the Tarot like a PRO!

NOTHING helped. At the end of the day I STILL had NO idea what the FUCK I was doing.

Because Learning the to Read the Tarot Isn’t Random Like That

To be completely honest, I never found that magic bullet. I struggled for TEN LONG YEARS before things began to change for me.

During that time, I never felt confident with my readings no matter how much I loved them or loved doing readings.

But if we think about it, how could we though?

 How many career-fields do we see today that have highly successful “self-taught” employees or practitioners?


Sure, you can find some people who could figure out how to do a few things on their own but certainly not enough to run a corporate office or build and launch a successful business! 

When we become self-taught and then decide to stay in that position, we’re actually putting ourselves in the position of always being behind the 8-ball.

There’s a Whole Lotta Info WE NEED to Know

To become a professional Tarot reader, build a thriving client-base, create a lucrative and lasting income, and live a lux-lifestyle…there’s a whole lotta info you have to know, not only about the Tarot, but also self-development, mentoring, transformation, Spirituality, business, marketing, and so much more!

The Tarot is NO different than any other professional career field.

In order to become a competent and skilled professional Tarot reader and make your dreams come true in the way you desire you need the right education and the right guidance. Period.

Here’s why being self-taught doesn’t work…

Your Lack of Self-Confidence Stems Directly From a Lack of Education

Because I struggled for so long my lack of ability was reflected through my lack of self-confidence. How can you be confident and feel good about something when you’ve had ZERO technical training and guidance?

There were times I could definitely see in my client’s face that they would have a certain amount of apprehension or concern whenever I’d read for them. They might not have exactly known what was going on, and it might have appeared to be a great reading, but deep down, I believe my clients could sense my shortcomings.

On top of that, I’d always end my sessions feeling uncomfortable and guilty like I was a fraud or something. I had a LOT of trouble making eye contact, making conversation, and I wasn’t very quick to ask for the money or to book their next reading.

When we’re not confident, we don’t play full-out.

When we don’t feel good about what we’re doing we don’t shine! We’re acting and working from a detrimental stand-point. And all of those negative feelings can quickly well-up and deep-six your new brand-new career before you even get it started.

Our Challenges and WTF’s Are Related to Not Having the Right Education Source

In another light, you might be someone who’s not necessarily new to the Tarot. Maybe you’re someone who’s already taken a Tarot course and has an established business. 

Maybe you’ve been through several different Tarot courses but you feel something’s still not right. You’re still struggling, still frustrated, still overwhelmed, and still not very confident.

Just because you’ve taken one Tarot class or ten doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been the right ones for you

You just might not have found the right educator with the right formula that can reach deep into your soul, flip that Tarot switch, and set your ass on fire with the cards! 

It’s ALL of that “not-knowing” that leads to the frustration, overwhelm, and ultimately the lack of self-confidence that you’ve been experiencing. It isn’t anyone’s fault.

 You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

When you’ve been self-taught or haven’t taken the right course it can leave you with giant gaps in your “Tarot-Knowledge Bank.” 

That emptiness leaves you to operate on only part of the story because you don’t have the big-picture of what the Tarot is

Without a proper education or proper perspective, you don’t know what’s missing.

You don’t know what you don’t know. 

That’s a terrible place to be because we can only see what our current struggle is, not what’s contributed to it.

What began as this amazing soulful experience and the career opportunity of a lifetime has now spiraled into becoming a high-holy nightmare. And dig this, it’ll only get worse.

We begin to micro-focus on things that appear to be the issue, but in reality, are miles away from the actual problem.

We Can Become Consumed With Things That Don’t Really Matter

For example, I periodically conduct surveys asking my students and followers what their current Tarot challenges are.

99% of Participant Report They Must Achieve the Same Five Things:
+ Immediately overcome their feelings of low self-confidence and not being good enough
+ Memorize all 78 cards, with the key charts, right-side-up and reversed, with 100% accuracy
+ Use and trust their intuition to do their readings with complete confidence and 100% accuracy
+ Identify precisely who the Court Cards represent in every single reading with absolute accuracy
+ Learn to charge what they’re “worth” with ZERO guilt or shame

There were some additional concerns regarding how to focus their energy, create custom readings, how to choose the best Tarot decks, etc. For the most part, my surveys are FILLED with individuals who want ANSWERS, ABSOLUTES, and NO MISTAKES.

Unfortunately, the Tarot Doesn’t Work That Work That Way!

The Tarot Is a Living, Breathing, Oracle &
Difficult to Define

The Sun

Because of the Tarot’s unique composition, it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to deliver 100% accuracy, certainty, and absolutes, with ZERO mistakes.  

That’s not how the Tarot works. It may be Spiritual, but it’s certainly not miraculous. 

I don’t believe that there’s any career or profession that offers 100% anything, so why do we continue to put this overwhelming pressure on ourselves when it’s not even a thing?  

The Tarot is both an Art and a Science. Yes, it does have a structural aspect to it and an order of operations in the way we use the cards, but it also had a deeply Spiritual and intuitive element as well.  

The Tarot was designed to be read with our intuition and to be used as a guide, not an absolute. The Tarot isn’t about accuracy it’s about insight. 

The Tarot is never going to tell you everything you need to know about your life, your relationships, your career choices, your financial issues, etc. That’s up to the client to determine. 

This is precisely why we don’t use the cards to tell fortunes or predict the future.  

Instead, we use the cards like a mentoring or coaching tool to help us understand ourselves better. We can learn why we make the choices we do, what blocks and obstacles do we face, what influences us, what behaviors do we need to address, what do we need to release, and so much more.

There’s an entire “Tarot-World” that exists far and above those five “must-haves” that I listed above. 

We have to learn to loosen the grip on perfection a bit when it comes to our expectations of the Tarot because that’s when unnecessary disappointment and delusion begin to set in. 

People become so obsessed and hyper-vigilant about mastering skills that don’t even matter they end up missing the entire point of the Tarot. 

For each of those five points that I posted above, regarding the common challenges people believe they’re facing with the Tarot, there’s something else you have to learn first that explains why those points are either unimportant or irrelevant.

We have to learn how to open our Mind, Body, and Spirit…open our imagination and our intuition and just be with the cards.

We also have to learn how to use the Tarot, how to properly help your clients, how to become a professional, how to run a business, how to market yourself, who your ideal client is, how to set your pricing using a formula and not your supposed “worth”.

Reading the Tarot is not automatic! Using your intuition is not automatic. 

There’s multiple steps, layers, and procedures for each that we have to learn first and once we lean those, most of the challenges and wtf’s we’re experiencing will disappear.

The Moon (1)

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